Miley Cyrus offered $1M to star in girl/girl adult video

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First Demi, now Miley! Singer-slash-actress Miley Cyrus has been offered US$1,000,000 (S$1,300,000) to star in a girl-on-girl adult video!

The 19 year old, who is engaged to her 'The Last Song' costar Liam Hemsworth, was approached by to star in a soft porn remake of her "Decisions" music video. The song features Israeli deejay Borgore. If Miley does take up the role, she will be starring alongside 20 year old porn actress Jessie Andrews.

In a letter from Martin Ellison,'s media director, to Miley's agent, members of the site have been begging him to make Miley and Jessie star together in a video.

"As you are already aware in the video she kisses her boyfriend, Liam who is dressed as a unicorn. We'd like to replace Liam with the AVN Starlet of the Year, Jessie!"

"We aren't looking to make a boy/girl Hannah Does Montana sex video here, but rather a softer 'girl on girl' version. Of course your client would be compensated extremely well to be nude and to have 'erotic' girl on girl relations."

''How far Miley chooses she wants to go is entirely up to her. We adore her new sexy look," Martin wrote.

That is one interesting offer! Do you think Miley will take up the role? Here's the music video for "Decisions", which inspired this whole shennanigan.

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