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I have always been a fan of Disney Channel’s shows. I’ve watched most of the shows, from ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ to ‘Hannah Montana’ to ‘Sonny With A Chance’ to ‘Austin & Ally’. I’ve noticed that there are three jokes in particular that Disney sitcoms often use for their shows. While these jokes do get old sometimes, they never fail to crack me up.

I've been watching old episodes of some of my favourite Disney shows and watching snippets & commercials for the newer Disney shows (I refuse to watch the new shows, boooooring!), and I came to a conclusion that... well... I came to no conclusion, but I just thought that it would be interesting to share this with everyone, AKA the people who will probably press Alt + F4 after reading my blog.


We often have this scenario where people are so in love that they refuse to hang up the phone while speaking to their significant others. Well, this probably only happens on TV and in the movies. But this scenario often goes like this:

Cheesy Prick #1: “You hang up first.”

Cheesy Prick #2: “No, you hang up first!”

Cheesy Prick #1: “No, you!”

Cheesy Prick #2: “No, you!”

Awesome Friend who grabs the phone, hangs up and says: “No, me!” or “No, I’ll hang up!” or something along those lines.

This scene can be found in:

  • 'Hannah Montana' - My Best Friend's Boyfriend (season 2). Lily (played by Emily Osment) is on the phone with her new boyfriend Lucas (played by the yummilicious Sterling Knight), getting all cute and mushy until Miley (played by Miley Cyrus) interjects, shuts the ancient flip-phone and delivers the awesome line I just wrote two paragraphs about: "No, me!"
  • 'Sonny with a Chance' - Sonny with a Chance of Dating (season 1). Sonny (played by Demi Lovato) is on the phone with the jerk James Conroy (played by Kelly Blatz. Unfortunate name, but great actor), and they're doing that scenario I've just described. Our pretty (well, that's what she tells us. Not that I disagree) heroine Tawni (played by Tiffany Thornton) grabs the iPhone, ends the call and delivers the line, "I'll hang up!" all too excitedly. You know, I've always liked Tawni.
  • 'The Suite Life on Deck' - The Defiant Ones (season 2). Cody (played by the adorkable Cole Sprouse) is on the phone with Bailey (played by Debby Ryan). We don't even hear her voice in that scene but Cody was going all, "No you hang up" in an annoying goofy voice. Our hero in this scene is a male - Marcus (played by Doc Shaw), who snatches the phone (as usual) and says, "How about I hang up?". After that, he very politely pointed out to Cody that he sounded like some lovestruck idiot. I love this guy.


The next line is often a scenario where a character accidentally says "do" twice in a row, and ends up saying "doo doo". And him/her or a friend will point out that he/she said "doo doo", and they'll all have a good laugh.

At first, I thought that it was only funny because "doo doo" sounded cute, but I searched it up on my BFF Apparently it's a childish term for poop/diarrhea in America. Ooookay...

This scene can be found in:

  • 'Sonny with a Chance' - New Girl (season 2). Sonny's writing a new song, and she sings, "Tell me what to do do do," and starts laughing like a maniac after she realises what she said. After a while, she finally realises her immaturity and says, "Ew." I'm glad you finally came to your senses, Sonny. Although it does sound cute...
  • 'Austin & Ally' - Soups & Stars (season 1). Ally (played by Laura Marano who, by the way, was one of the cast members of 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' once upon a time) was thinking about what to twit on Tweeter, and Austin (played by the smokin' hot Ross Lynch) gave her a very useful piece of advice which we should heed not just in twitting, but in real life as well: "Don't think, just do! Do!" Of course, immature Austin realised what he said and told Trish (played by Raini Rodriguez) & Dez (played by Calum Worthy, soon-to-be world dominator), "I just said doo doo." They all laughed and Austin twitted about it and lived happily ever after (not).
  • 'Dog with a Blog' - episode unknown. I don't watch this show (though it stars G. Hannelius, one of the cutest girls in Hollywood) but I saw a commercial for the show and I saw a little girl (not sure if it was G, didn't really take notice) who pointed at someone and said, "You said doo doo!" Well, she does have an excuse for laughing when someone says "doo doo" since she's a little girl, but Austin & Sonny? *shakes head disappointedly*
  • 'Good Luck Charlie' - Baby Come Back (season 1). Bob (played by Eric Allan Kramer) tells Amy (played by Leigh-Allyn Baker, who definitely wins an award for coolest mum in the world) and Teddy (played by Bridgit Mendler) that, "We work all day, take care of the baby all night. Work-shift, baby-shift. I barely got time to make doo-doo." Nobody went all, "You said doo-doo" but I think it still counts as a "doo-doo" joke.


Once again, thanks to, I unsolved another Disney mystery (well, it was a mystery to me because I didn't grow up in the US) - "duty". Just like "doo-doo", "duty" is another term for poo. Eww.

This scene can be found in:

  • 'Sonny with a Chance' (gee, it's like SWAC has all the clichéd jokes) - Prank'd (season 1).  Chad walks into the 'So Random' prophouse with a magazine cover that reads, "Chad Dylan Cooper will be doing double duty as the host of a new hidden-camera show, "Celebrity Practical Jok'd"." After Sonny reads the title of the article, Grady (played by my all-time favourite funnyman Doug Brochu) starts laughing maniacally when Sonny reads "double duty". This goes on throughout the episode. Oh Grady, what are we going to do with you?

I was about to post another example of a "duty" joke from a Disney show but I completely forgot which show it was. Darn. Well, I hope this post was entertaining, and I'll definitely keep a lookout for more awesome stuff and post them up here!

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