Bella Thorne & IM5 release 'Can't Stay Away' video

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It's finally here!

Bella Thorne and new boy-band IM5 released the music video for their collaboration "Can't Stay Away" just a few hours ago. The music video is set in a school (most of the scenes were shot in the school hallways) - I wonder if they got detention after that. I absolutely love the choreography in this video - Bella and the members of IM5 (Cole, Dalton, Will, Dana and Gabe) are amazingly talented.

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Bella currently stars in one of Disney Channel's most highly-rated show, 'Shake It Up', along with Zendaya. IM5 was put together by three prominent figures in the entertainment industry (Perez Hilton, Simon Fuller, Jamie King). They debuted in late 2011 and they have been on the rise ever since.

I recently interviewed IM5, where they talked about their goals for 2013, their music, childhood pastimes and working with Bella. You can read the interview here: IM5: Rising To The Top | Musichel.


Photo credits: IM5 / Facebook

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