Demi Lovato rocks Singapore!

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Demi Lovato performed in Singapore for the first time on March 18, 2013. It was held at The Coliseum, an outdoor venue outside the Hard Rock Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa. This is also the former Disney star’s first performance in Asia.

Section I: Press conference
Section II: Concert review

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Section I: Press conference

Demi walked into the press conference room with her team and she was extremely cheerful and perky despite only having arrived in Singapore a few hours before the press conference was held. The adorable brunette, who recently got her hair cut, smiled and said hi in her ever-so-cheerful voice, earning her many laughs around the room.


When asked how her flight from Los Angeles to Singapore was, she replied that it was “really long” but it was “really good” because she watched her favourite movie on the plane – ‘Cinderella’. She didn’t have much time to explore Singapore but she said her first impressions of Singaporeans was that everyone was really nice and that Singapore was “really, really clean”. Divian (987FM DJ and the host of the press conference) taught her a Singlish word: “shiok”, which is an expression of satisfaction. Her pronunciation of shiok was really cute and scarily accurate. Are you sure that it’s her first time in Singapore?? “I’m feeling shiok right now!” she exclaimed after learning how to spell the word.

““Heart Attack” is a song that I recorded over the past year. It was leaked early though we weren’t going to release it until a week later. Since it was leaked, we decided that since it’s already out there, we might as well release it. So we released it,” Demi said of her latest single. “None of us expected the success it gained because it had no promotion and it did so well so I was really shiok about it.”

The 21 year old singer said that her upcoming album was about everything that she was and what she has accomplished… ten times better, and that the music in the album would be talking about things that she has never talked about before. That means that it’s going to be more personal, heavy and emotional. Demi expressed her excitement about performing in Singapore as she has never performed here before and she was excited to see how the audience was like and what the energy was like.

Below is a transcript of her Q&A session:

If you could meet your 15 year old self now, what would you tell her and why?
I would be like, put your seatbelt on because life is about to get really crazy [laughs]. Um, but I’d also just tell her that she’s beautiful and that she doesn’t need to change for anybody and that she’s loved.

How do you cope with the pressure of being a role model and do you ever feel pressured?
The pressure of being a role model doesn’t feel like pressure anymore because I’m being honest now whereas before, I’d just say, "It’s not fair, I didn’t sign up to be a role model, I’m a singer and that’s what I wanna do, I don’t wanna be a role model for people because I’m a teenager and I want to make mistakes" and I wanted to do my own thing. But now that I’m being honest, I’ve kind of embarked on my own journey and I’ve learned that I can help people with the issues that I’ve struggled from. That’s more about being a role model and so now, it’s no pressure at all and it feels really great.
My music is my message and my platform, just with instruments and lyrics.


Your image has been under scrutiny for a really long time and people talk about every aspect of you all the time, from your clothes to your eyebrows. How do you feel about this?
Well, to be honest, when it comes to people scrutinising anything that I do, it’s going to happen. You’re not going to be able to please everybody and when you’re pleasing everybody, something’s wrong because in that case, it’s not really genuine. I just feel like if I’m myself and I enjoy the clothes that I wear or the size of my eyebrows [laughs], then you know what? Whatever, I’m doing my own thing. If people like it, great; if people don’t, great.

You have been outside of the acting field for quite sometime. Is acting something you’d like to delve into in 2013?
In 2013? I’m not really sure. The thing about acting is… um… with music, I get to create music and I get to do my own thing. With movies and TV shows and everything like that, aside from ‘X Factor’, I’ll have to play someone else and that’s something that I’ve not been very interested in doing lately. I like doing music and performing and I feel what’s working best for me right now is focusing on one career at a time.

How has ‘The X Factor USA’ changed your life? Also, do you think it’s more “fashionable” for pop artists to be judges on reality shows and will it affect their credibility?
‘X Factor’, first off, has changed my life because it’s gotten me in front of so many people and it’s been able to showcase not only my personality to a lot of people that typically aren’t in my demographic, but it’s also been able to showcase my thoughts and the knowledge that I have on music. And it’s been pretty cool, being able to just open up like that and people getting to know me better. A lot more people have gotten to know who I am because of ‘X Factor’ but I wouldn’t call it “fashionable”. I feel like that would be a weird word to call being a judge [laughs] but for me, I just wanted to do it because it was a great opportunity and other judges, they’re off doing their own thing but for me, it was just a great opportunity to be in front of more people than I have been in front of before and also, it helps them to achieve their dreams.


Have you kept in touch with any of the ‘X Factor’ contestants?
I’ve kept in touch with CeCe [Frey]. She was the last contestant that I had in my group so I got to know her a bit better than the other contestants. I know that she’s working hard on her dream and I’ve seen some others – I’ve seen Fifth Harmony a bunch, around and about. I can’t remember who else I’ve seen since the show… I’ve seen Emblem3, I think. They were working with some of the producers I was working with for my album. Everybody has been working on their own things, which is really cool to see and yeah, CeCe is really awesome and she’s become my friend.

Being an ambassador for anti-bullying campaigns, what messages do you have for students in Singapore who are being or have been bullied? Do you have any specific incidents on bullying or any other growing up problems to share with us?
I was bullied when I was like, twelve years old. Everybody has dealt with their fair share of bullying and people have been mean to them. But when I was twelve years old, it was pretty extensive and I left public school for home-school. I just remember thinking, nobody in the world, no matter how mean somebody is, they don’t deserve to be bullied like this. Ever since then, I’ve just been vocal about that issue ever since people started listening. If you are being bullied, speak up about it and if you are witnessing someone being bullied, speak up about it but it actually doesn’t make you at all to bully somebody. What makes you cool is hanging out with people whom others make fun of a lot and trying to be friends with them.


Who or what is your inspiration and what keeps you going forward these days?
My inspiration has been a lot of the things that I’ve gone through in the past. My family has been a big inspiration to me, my little sister [Maddie de la Garza] mainly because, you know, she’s my baby sister and I just want to protect her from everything so when I speak up about my issues with eating disorders or whatever it is that I have dealt with, I want to make sure that I set a place where young girls know that they can talk about it and they don’t have to struggle with it anymore. That’s pretty much my big inspiration.

If you weren’t Demi Lovato, pop superstar, what would you do in your life?
I’d be Demi Lovato, hanging out in Singapore. Shiok! [Laughs]

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