Jeronimo invades Singapore!

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In commemoration of 31 years of creating tastebud-blowing ice-cream, Ben & Jerry’s Singapore organised an ice-cream party on March 28, 2013 at their Dempsey Road outlet. ‘Down Memoory Lane’ included contests, cool music and free ice-cream for the first 100 people who turned up at the party!

The opening act, Laraine Lam & Cheng, kicked off the party with an acoustic performance, where they covered hits such as “Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift and “Price Tag” by Jessie J. I can’t tell you much about their performance as I was late and only managed to catch their last few songs but Laraine has an amazing voice! The guitarist (whom I assume is Cheng) is really good too, as he showed off his shredding skills on the acoustic guitar.

Jeronimo came on-stage around 9pm and he started off his performance with an up-tempo song, “All I Want Is You To Love Me”. He slowed things down with his latest single “Firefly”, which is a ballad featured in Dutch film ‘My Dad's a Detective – The Battle’ where he starred as Marty.

Before he sang “Some Other Way”, he revealed that a few years ago, he had lost someone special whom he would never get back again (aww!) so when he first heard “Some Other Way”, he broke down into tears. His emotional performance earned him a thunderous applause although some inconsiderate twats broke out into raucous laughter during the chorus, earning them a death glare from me and some other fans. I know they weren’t concentrating on the performance and they weren’t laughing at him, but honestly, they shouldn’t have laughed in such a tense and emotional atmosphere.

The highlight of my night was when Jeronimo performed “Somebody Who Loves Me”. It’s my favourite song of his and it’s recently been added to the 987FM playlist! As a matter of fact, I just heard it on the radio a few hours ago! Hearing your favourite song on the radio is the BEST feeling in the world. Some people recognised the song as he reached the chorus and started singing along, which was really cool.

Jeronimo got the audience pumped up again with the last two songs: “One Kiss” and of course, “I Am No Superman”. He showed off his amazing dance moves and flexed his biceps during “I Am No Superman”, earning many laughs among the audience. Also, one of the Ben & Jerry’s cows walked in front of him and started dancing, making him laugh during the song and they posed for a picture together midway through a song.


1. "All I Want Is You To Love Me"

2. "I Want You Baby"

3. "Firefly"

4. "Some Other Way"

5. "Somebody Who Loves Me"

6. Song cover: "Words" by the Bee Gees

7. "One Kiss"

8. "I Am No Superman"

Photo credits: Rachel Ho, Ben & Jerry's Singapore

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