Lawson: Taking Over Singapore!

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Friday nights are meant for partying and having fun, and Lawson couldn’t have picked a better day to perform their first ever showcase in Singapore.

Fans of all ages lined up outside the Powerhouse at St James Power Station, one of the hottest dance clubs in Singapore, for hours under the hot sun. Doors were slated to open at 7pm, but by 5pm, there already was a long line of fans sitting outside the entrance of the Powerhouse.

My friend and I went to the Powerhouse to take a look at the venue at 5pm and guess what? We managed to catch the four-piece pop-rock band arriving at the venue! They arrived in a white minibus and quite a number of fans were surrounding the tired-looking boys.

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Unlike many other musicians, Lawson was extremely punctual for their gig as the show began around 7.45pm. Andy Brown, Adam Pitts, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher ran on-stage and the first minute of their set was utter craziness as fans screamed with all their might and held up signboards, vying for the attention of their idols. The temperature in the room literally increased when the band came onto the stage (it could be the adrenaline rush or it could be their hot-ness – let’s face it, all four members of the band are yummilicious)!

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Opening the night with “Everywhere You Go”, lead vocalist Andy Brown wow-ed the audience with his impeccable vocals. To be honest, I love their music but I didn’t know the band very well. I’ve never watched their live performances on Youtube or anything. I didn’t know what to expect from a live performance of theirs as I’ve only heard the studio versions of their songs. After the first song though, I knew I had nothing to worry about. The band sounded exactly the same, if not even better, as how they sounded in studio recordings! This is definitely not an easy feat but they managed to pull it off.


Throughout the performance, bass guitarist Ryan Fletcher gave the thumbs-up sign to the audience and he iterated over and over again about how Singapore was one of the best crowds they have ever played to. He said, and I quote him word-for-word, that it was “one of the favourite gigs I’ve ever done”. Aww! The crowd erupted into cheers and everyone started singing along when the band played “Taking Over Me”, which is one of their most popular singles which did really well on radio charts in Singapore.

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The female-dominated fan-base of Lawson screamed and shouted during the guitar instrumental segment of “Make It Happen” where lead guitarist Joel Peat and Ryan showcased their god-like guitar skills. The way these two lads immersed themselves in their music was amazing. Seeing them closing their eyes, throwing their heads back and playing their guitars is incredible. Of course, their guitar playing was flawless – after all, they both attended The Academy of Contemporary Music, of which fellow British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is an alumnus.


One of the main highlights of the night was when the band performed their debut single, “When She Was Mine”. The band described the song as “the song where it all began for us” and it is definitely their most popular song so far. Andy played the beginning chords of the song on his acoustic guitar while fans sang along before breaking out into the first verse. When it all got intense near the end of the song, Adam the drummer stood up and started banging on his drums and his cymbals. I’ve never seen any drummer so passionate about drumming before! The song was about Andy’s break-up with Mollie King (from The Saturday) and he sang with so much passion while still maintaining the upbeat character of the song.


The most UNFORGETTABLE part of the night, however, was when Andy ditched his acoustic guitar and surprised everyone by performing a cover of Maroon 5’s hit single “Moves Like Jagger”. Showing off his Jagger-like dance moves, the 25 year old brunette strutted on stage and did his thang (Kevin G would be so proud of him) while the audience hooted and erupted into laughter and applause. For a moment, he actually looked like Adam Levine!


Lawson concluded their set with the final song, “Standing in the Dark”. Andy brought his acoustic guitar back to the stage as he sang the first few verses and the first chorus accompanied only by the acoustic guitar. The rest of the band came in at the verse following the first chorus. Fans swayed and sang along to the song, which is a radio single that has also done well on music charts at radio stations here. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. They ended the show on a mind-blowing note (literally) as they jammed and played their instruments like they’ve never played before and once again, Adam stood up and played the drums, which was pretty darn cool.


Before leaving the stage, the boys came forward and tried to touch as many of their fans’ hands as they could. They also announced that they had a great time in Singapore and would love to return to Singapore soon – all you Geese have to do is to tweet Universal Music Singapore, request their songs on the radio as many times as possible, purchase their debut album Chapman Square and maybe we’ll see them back in Singapore with a new album soon!



  1. "Everywhere You Go"
  2. "Gone"
  3. "Taking Over Me"
  4. "Make It Happen"
  5. "Learn to Love Again"
  6. "When She Was Mine"
  7. Cover: "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5
  8. "Standing in the Dark"


I was extremely impressed by Lawson’s showcase. Although it was a pretty short one (45 to 50 minutes), I was left awestruck not only by their musicianship, but also by their incredible stage presence. The way they interacted with each other on-stage and with their fans was really admirable and it’s really rare to see someone perform not just for the sake of performing, but performing because they genuinely love performing and love sharing their passion for music with the world. They were so full of energy despite their hectic schedule and they are really talented – not just as individuals (though they definitely are very, very talented individually) but also as a group. I really don't like being clichéd but there's no other way to say this... Lawson is LAWSOME.


Just to end off, I'd like to say that Lawson is NOT, has never been and will never be a boyband. I'm not insulting boybands but it just isn't the correct term to describe Lawson. For starters, every member of Lawson plays instruments. They do not awkwardly walk around the stage or move in sickeningly synchronised dance moves. They are a pop-rock band that writes their own music and I wish that people would just stop calling every group of good-looking teenage or young-adult males a boyband. They are so much more than that!

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I had the opportunity to have a round-table interview with Ryan and Joel the day after the band’s first showcase in Singapore. Go to Page 2 to read the interview with Ryan & Joel!

Photo credits: Amos WongRachel Ho
Videos courtesy of Universal Music Singapore

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