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If you fancy some good Americana or folk music, you'll definitely love Best of Friends. The Boston-based sextet are a group of family & friends that got together while writing a love ballad and started making amazing music together!


The members of Best of Friends are:

  • Morgan Dorr - Vocals/Guitar
  • John Keefe - Drums/Vocals
  • Kevin McHugh - Guitar/Vocals
  • Ethan Dorr - Ukulele/Vocals
  • Jamel Hawke - Mandolin/Banjo/Guitar/Vocals
  • Allyn Dorr - Double Bass/Vocals

There are some really cool instruments that we don't see in many bands these days, such as the mandolin and the ukulele! You may find two of the band members, Morgan Dorr and John Keefe, very familiar - that's because both of them are also members of pop-rock/country-pop band Boys Like Girls! Morgan and Kevin are also in a band called Endway. As you can see, they have very strong musical backgrounds and their music definitely reflects that!

Morgan took some time off to tell me more about Best of Friends, how they got together, their song-writing process, and of course, the huge difference between Boys Like Girls & Best of Friends! They also can't wait to get on tour and hope to start touring (the US) as soon as possible!

Part 1 of their debut album was released on iTunes just a while ago and you can definitely expect more music! Right now, only two songs ("Coming Home" and "How Lonely Is You") have been released and you can listen to them here. If you like it, please purchase it from iTunes to support their amazing music!

Best of Friends' official website:
Best of Friends' official Facebook:
Best of Friends' official Twitter: @bestoffriendsxo


Tell us about how the band started.
Kevin, our guitar player, was getting married and we wrote a love song to be performed at the ceremony. We all fell in love with the tune and built a whole band around it.

How is your song-writing process like? Is it an individual or a group effort?
One of us will have an idea and we all sit forever writing and producing it. It's so much fun.

Morgan & John: Best of Friends’ music is rather different from Boys Like Girls’ style of music. How do you find the change from BLG to BOF?
It's a lot different. The songs feel very personal to us in a family sense. They're a lot more chill so it's a completely different feeling playing them.

Do you have any touring plans/do you have any upcoming shows?
We're going to tour as soon as possible! Spread the word peopleee!

What is your most memorable moment as a band so far?
Finishing the album and putting it up and seeing the amazing response. Our hearts are filled with joy!

Do you ever encounter writers’ block? How do you overcome it?
Actually no, the songs literally poured out of us in an amazing intrinsic way. Each song is a different experience/emotion. It was easy.

Will you be releasing a physical copy of your album?
Yes, we're going to do a limited run. Stay tuned!

What do you hope to accomplish with Best of Friends?
We want everyone to feel what we feel, the album is a journey through the hearts of men, and we love hearing how people relate to it!

What do you hope for your fans to see Best of Friends as?
As a collection of family and friends, playing their hearts out. We want it to be a real, important experience for our fans.

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