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Youtube stars are all the rage today. Utilising the power tool that is the internet, many talented people have attained international fame by showcasing their talents online with the help of social networking sites such as Myspace and Youtube.

Megan Nicole commenced her music career in 2009 by recording herself singing covers of popular songs on Youtube, and soon enough, she garnered a large online following and her hard work finally paid off when she was signed to Interscope Records/Bad Boy Records, whose roster includes big-name stars like Lady Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen and Eminem.

Gearing up for the release of her long-anticipated debut album, the 18 year old Texas native released a single "Summer Forever" not too long ago, which landed a spot on the iTunes Top 10 music charts in Singapore! The catchy upbeat song, as you can probably deduce from the title, is about summer fun and Megan Nicole tells Musichel why she wants it to be summer forever!

Megan also told us about her big break, which came when she was signed to Interscope and the transition. She also gave some good advice on bullying (cyber-bullying, in particular) and gave some tips on how you can attract her attention on Twitter!

In this interview, Megan gave a shout-out to Boyce Avenue for being the big brothers she's never had!


You recently released your new single "Summer Forever". What are some of your favourite things about summer?
I really just love the whole vibe of summer time.  Going to beach, chillin' pool side, hanging out with your friends, having snow cones, ice-cream and lots of other food that's not good for you, and sunshine. I'm really lucky to live in LA though because in a way, it literally is "Summer Forever".

How was the transition from being an unsigned independent artist to an artist signed to a major label like for you?
I feel like I'm still making that transition from being seen as only someone who does covers to an original recording artist. The fans already have been so supportive of the originals I have put out there and I am really looking forward to sharing more originals with them. It's still pretty surreal though to be signed to a major label. It’s something some people work all their lives for and I have to remind myself of how blessed I truly am to have this opportunity.

As a singer, where do you hope to see yourself in five to ten years?
Travelling the world, performing and sharing my music with others! And I hope along the way, I am able to make a positive impact on people's lives.

What is your take on the omnipresence of auto-tune in today's music?
I feel like the word is so overused and the majority of people using the term do not even fully understand themselves what it is. Using auto-tune doesn't make you a good singer. Being a good singer, in my opinion, is not just about pitch, but also being able to emotionally connect and deliver a song. And auto-tune doesn't give a person attitude or emotion.

You have over 300k followers on Twitter - you probably receive squillions of tweets every day from fans vying for your attention. What kind of tweets stand out to you?
There are some funny ones, like the whole "I'll give you a cookie if you follow me" and the fan art I get is always so sweet. The most encouraging ones come from people who tell me I inspired them to follow their dreams, learn the guitar, or a song of mine made them smile. Those are the ones that remind me each day why I do what I do.

What is your favourite smartphone application?
I actually just deleted a bunch of apps to make room on my phone because I have too many pictures! I need to take them off, but I still kept Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat is fun to use to send quick little picture messages to my friends back in Texas. It's also funny to send really goofy unflattering photos to give a friend a quick laugh.

How is your video recording process like?
Each one is different, but it usually starts with coming up with a concept and a plan. Some of the covers we did last minute and the day of the shoot we were trying to figure out the story line. Which I wouldn't suggest hah because it's always better to have a plan of some sort. If it's just a performance shot video, we'll get a bunch of different angles. And if it has more of a story line, then it usually takes a little longer because there are more locations and some acting involved.

The main platform for your music is the internet, where the benefit of anonymity is often abused. How do you handle negative comments?
Honestly, in my case I just ignore them. Why add fuel to the fire? Most of those people are just looking to get a rise out of you or attention, so I don't let them win. It upsets me more when someone says something negative about my sister, friend, or the way I see viewers talk to each other. Bullying is not cool, in any form. And if it gets to the point where someone is harassing you online you should let someone know. It's really not acceptable the way people talk to each other especially online since they can hide behind a computer, but unfortunately it's the way the world is. Just don't let other negativity affect your own attitude. Let them live in their bitterness and you choose to be happy.

You have collaborated with a number of Youtube stars - which project was your favourite collaboration?
Every person I've worked with has been so talented and sweet! They never hide who they are in their videos, which is why I think a lot of the Youtubers who do well and are successful because they are so genuine.  They are being themselves, doing what they love, and sharing their passion of music (or whatever it may be) with others in an intimate way. I gotta give a shout out to Boyce Avenue though because they have given me so many great opportunities and I am very thankful for them. Love them, they are like the big brothers I never had. Not to mention, so gifted and skilled at their craft. They are the inspiration to many of those who have used YouTube as their platform.

Many singers these days are venturing into acting, from guest-starring roles to lead roles in movies. Is acting something you would consider venturing into?
Definitely! It's something I really enjoy and is another passion of mine. Right now, I've been focused on wrapping my debut album up, but I hope to get more involved in acting in the near future

Is there one thing you can't go anywhere without?
Probably my laptop. I edit all my videos on there and use it for all the social media as well (Twitter, FB, YouTube). I have everything I need right there. Well, I guess as long as there's a wifi connection!

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