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They're talented, they're cute and most of all, they're British. They're every teenager's dream --- they are Union J. The four-piece British boy-band, who rose to fame after finishing fourth in the 9th season of 'The X Factor' (UK), have been making their mark on the world of entertainment with their ridiculously good looks, flawless coordination & musicianship and of course, their adorable British accents!

Aren't their accents just so fetch?!!?!???! Of course, many of you must be thinking, "They're just another One Direction." And my answer to that would be, "No, they're not." Sure, they've been compared to One Direction a lot and I'm pretty sure they're sick of hearing that (though Jaymi tells us that it feels amazing to be compared to 1D), but they are completely different people and it's not really fair to make that comparison.

Jaymi from Union J talked to Musichel about their experience on 'The X Factor' (UK) and also told us a bit more about their touring plans. He also revealed his favourite song to sing in the shower! P/S Jaymi: I'm guilty of singing that tune in the shower as well!


How has 'The X Factor' (UK) changed your lives?
Massively! We are living our dreams... It's amazing.

You recently released your debut single "Carry You" and your first studio album is also slated for release later this year. What kind of sounds can fans expect from the album?
Fans can expect a mix of great pop with many influences from our idols!

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George was added the band during 'The X Factor'. How was it like initially, having a new member in the band?
It fitted like a glove having George as part of the group. We couldn't imagine it without him.

What is your favourite song to sing in the shower?
"Halo" by Beyonce!

What is a typical day for Union J like?
Craaaaaazy! [Laughs] Every day is completely different!

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Do you have any touring plans for the second half of the year?
Yes --- we are headlining our own UK tour. We are so excited!

What are your favourite and least favourite things about touring?
Missing my family and friends is the worst thing, but travelling with the boys is the best.

What is one thing that not many people know about you that may surprise them?
I tried for 'The X Factor' 5 times!

Union J has often been compared with fellow boyband One Direction. How do you feel about this comparison?
It's amazing --- they are an incredible band.

Photo credits: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Europe

What are some of your favorite snacks?
Oh, it has to be chocolate --- all types of chocolate, I'm not fussy!

If you could only use one smartphone app for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Angry Birds - I love it!

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8 comments to Interview: Union J

  • blah  says:

    how did you interview jaymi??

    • Rachel  says:

      It was an email interview ☺

      • blah  says:

        cool! how do you get him for an interview? and all your other interviews? like i wna speak to celebs too!!

        • Rachel  says:

          I contacted his management - I work in the media so I have contacts :)

          • blah  says:

            omg coollll! so meaning you email his management? what do you mean "work in the media"?? why not interview famous stars like demi, justin bieber, lady gaga too?

          • Rachel  says:

            Yes, I emailed his management. I run this site so I'm kind of involved in the media industry in one way or another, so I have access to media contacts both in Singapore and overseas. I haven't interviewed Demi Lovato but I attended a press conference of hers if it counts. It really depends on an artist's schedule. I run a small site so sometimes I do get looked down upon but most of the time, they're busy with their own work, like production or recording so it can be hard to get an interview with the big-names.

  • blah  says:

    oh okay, but how do you even get the management's email? and how did you even start all this in the first place? like how do you start getting contacts of celebrities? and if you ever interview a celebrity who is your friend's idol, could your friend interview him/her along with you?

    • Rachel  says:

      A lot of research and even more hard work. It's not all about the celebrities. When I started this, I didn't have interviewing celebrities in mind.
      I guess they could, it really depends.

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