Austin & Ally: Tracks & Trouble

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'Austin & Ally' is just full of twists and turns!

Season 2 of the show is soon coming to a close and season 2 alone has had so many surprises for us: Trent stealing Austin's life, Austin & Ally admitting their feelings for each other, their first (and hopefully not their last) kiss, Ally conquering their stage fright, Austin & Ally dating, Austin & Ally breaking up, magic typewriters...

And now, Ally has a solo career. I'm going to miss Little Miss Ally I-have-stage-fright Dawson!

"Tracks & Trouble", the 17th episode of the second season of the show, follows the chaos that arises when Team Austin accidentally messes up Kira's song. After Kira recorded her first single, the foursome played around with the brand new studio while she was gone. With Dez controlling the mixer... well... they accidentally recorded over Kira's songs and ruined her first single.


Jimmy eventually finds out and removes Austin from his record label and the team try their best to get Jimmy to change his mind but to no avail. With no other choice, Ally decides to give her latest song to Kira, who has been begging Ally to sell the song to her but Ally repeatedly turned her down because it was a personal song and she wanted to be the one performing the song.

Ally finally performs her first solo song in the series, "Finally Me" at Kira's first gig after Kira decides to return the song to Ally. Ally has performed in the show before but the songs she sang were always duets with Austin. It's truly wonderful to see Ally's metamorphosis from a shy and reserved songwriter with stage fright to the confident performer that she is in this episode!

Kira manages to convince her father to change his mind and he not only accepts Austin back into Starr Records, but also signs Ally! Hurray! Jimmy has always refused to sign Ally because he felt that it wasn't a good idea to have both Austin and Ally, his songwriter, on the same record label but after seeing how talented and incredible Ally was during her performance, he decided that Starr Records needed her on its roster.

Don't you just love happy endings?

I'm really curious to see how things go from here. I have a feeling that Austin & Ally will have a big fall-out due to being signed to the same label, proving Jimmy right. I mean, they're going to have to fight for Jimmy's attention and opportunities and it's only natural for them to be jealous of each other's career. Well, we'll see how things go in the upcoming episodes!

Also, Dez has an obsession with alpacas (cousins of llamas) in this episode and they even had a REAL alpaca in this episode! First kangaroos, now alpacas... What's it going to be next, a woolly mammoth?

The next episode, "Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing" will air on Jul 10, 2013 (Wednesday). Kinda weird since its usual slot is on Sunday evenings so I'm not too sure if it was a typo. I'll keep you posted if it is. Keep in mind that the air-date stated above is only for Disney Channel USA.

‘Austin & Ally’ stars:

Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Raini Rodriguez as Trish

Calum Worthy as Dez

Guest-stars for ‘Chapters & Choices’:

Kiersey Clemons as Kira Starr

Richard Whiten as Jimmy Starr

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2 comments to Austin & Ally: Tracks & Trouble

  • jackie  says:

    Big dreams and big apples was austin jessie and ally...

    • Rachel  says:

      Oops, thanks for pointing out the mistake! I meant to say "Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing".

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