Set In Motion set for chart domination! [INTERVIEW]

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If you love pop bands, you'll definitely fall in love with Set In Motion.

From left: Harry (drums), Callum (vocals & guitar), Harrison (vocals & guitar).

They're talented, no doubt about that; their music is catchy and infectious; they're as cute as, if not cuter than boys in boy-bands although they're not exactly a boy-band; they write their own music; and last but definitely not the least, they're Australian! Their Australian accents are just so cool!

Comprising of Callum Baker (vocals, guitar), Harrison Baker (vocals, guitar) and Harry Hayes (drums), the band has already gained attention within and outside of Australia primarily for their debut single "Summer Love", which was released in late 2012. If you reside in Singapore, you may have heard "Summer Love" on Hot FM --- as of Jul 11, 2013, the single is at #23 on the Hot 30 music chart on the radio station!

While they are three good-looking guys who record & perform pop music together as a group, they are definitely not a 'boy-band'. For starters, they play their instruments live and they write their own songs. Cal, Harry and Harrison grew up together and they have known one another for ages so they're not just another manufactured music group.

Regardless of whether or not you like pop music, you're definitely going to love "Summer Love". It's about, well, summer love. It is an upbeat dance-pop track that appeals to everyone. After all, who doesn't love a fun-filled upbeat song? It will surely make you want to get up and dance!

Musichel recently talked to Cal and Harrison about Set In Motion and their music. They talked about their chart success in Singapore, how the band got its name and they also have a special message for their fans!

Unfortunately for their fans, they don't have many songs out yet but rest assured --- a Set In Motion EP is in the works and we can expect some new music from the boys soon! And once the EP has been released and set in motion (pun intended), the trio's music career will definitely soar to the skies.


The three of you have been friends for quite some time. When & how did the whole idea of forming a band come about?
When we were young, we all grew up in the same neighbourhood. From there, we just thought it would be awesome to start a band so we got up a heap of music gear in our lounge room and went from there.

You recently released "Summer Love" and the song has been a hit on Singaporean radio charts. Did you imagine the international success the single has achieved when you first released it?
No way! We definitely weren't in the studio recording it with the intention of international recognition. We worked really hard on it though and are stoked to see the support from Singapore. We love you!

A lot of fans want to know: does the band currently have any plans for an EP or a studio album?
At the moment, we are writing for a new EP. Hopefully we'll record it soon so everyone has some new music!

What's your favourite concert you've ever attended?
I went and saw Kanye West a while back and it was amazing. He is a god.

You recently mentioned on Facebook that the band recorded a Christmas song that was never released. Why not? Would you ever consider releasing the song?
[Laughs] This is an awesome question! It was such a cool catchy song. It just wasn't the right time in our career to release it. Hell yeah we would! Christmas carols rock.

There have been quite a good number of Australian musicians making it big worldwide, one of the most recent being 5 Seconds of Summer. If you had the opportunity to tour internationally with any big-name act like 5SOS did, which act would it be?
Ooh. I think we'd all really love to tour with Katy Perry. She's a massive babe and we all love her music. It would be awesome to see her perform every night.

Do you have a name for your fan-base?
No, not yet! We just call them our Set In Motion family! It's one big family.


I must say, Set In Motion is probably one of the best band names I've seen in a while - it's both unique and memorable. How did you come up with the name and is there a story behind this?
Thank you! It came up in my English class at school once, in a book or a poem or something. I wish I could remember. I guess school is good for something!

Since you're already garnering a sizeable fan-base in Singapore, do you have any plans to play a show here someday?
Of course! We are killing to get over to Singapore and play live to our fans (and hopefully make some new ones).

Set In Motion also has a special message for all their fans:
We love you & thankyou so much for the support ☺ keep voting summer love into the hot 30!

Set In Motion on Facebook:
Set In Motion on Twitter: @setinmotionlive
Set In Motion on Youtube:
Set In Motion's official website:

Vote for "Summer Love" on Singapore's Hot FM's Hot 30 song charts! Here are 4 simple steps to vote for the song. Help Set In Motion get to #1!
  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down the list (or press Ctrl-F) and search for "Set In Motion - Summer Love". Click on the little circle next to it to select the track.
  3. Scroll down to the little form at the bottom of the page. Fill in your name, Singapore IC number (if you're not from Singapore, refer to step 4), email address and phone number and enter the security code and voila! You're done! You will receive an email letting you know that your vote was received.
  4. If you're not from Singapore, an IC is basically a 9-character code starting with 'S', followed by 7 random numbers and ending with any alphabet.
    Eg: S1234567C
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