Interview: Katherine Bailess of VH1's 'Hit The Floor'

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She acts, she dances and she sings! Katherine Bailess is truly a triple threat when it comes to performing as she acts and dances on VH1's new series 'Hit The Floor'! The Mississippi native stars as Kyle Hart in 'Hit The Floor', which revolves around the dance squad of a professional basketball team in Los Angeles.

You may have seen Katherine on some of your favourite TV shows such as 'Gilmore Girls'  and 'One Tree Hill'. She also starred as Alexa in the Fox feature film 'From Justin to Kelly' where she played alongside Kelly Clarkson and of course, with her impressive dance skills, she was featured in 'Bring It On Again'. Recently, she starred as Stephanie, the villain, in 'Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale' where she played opposite Ashlee Hewitt and Sterling Knight.

Staying true to her Southern roots, Katherine is also venturing into country music with her versatile voice and songwriting skills. Musichel had the chance to interview this talented southern belle, where she gave us an overview of 'Hit The Floor', her favourite kind of character to play and she also told us about her plans for her music career!


Tell us more about your upcoming VH1 series 'Hit The Floor' and your character, Kyle Hart.
'Hit the Floor' is a scripted dramedy about the lives and loves of the Los Angeles Devil Girls. They are the #1 dance squad for the professional basketball team the Los Angeles Devils. The story line revolves around the dancers, players, coaches, owners, family, lovers and more... Let's just say there is a lot of DRAMA.
KYLE HART, on the other hand, is the comedic relief of the show. She is known as 'Sex on Legs' and those legs stop at nothing to get what she wants. She is a sexy, confident, smart, and witty young lady that is a stripper on the side. Like her last name, Kyle does have a heart and she has no choice as to use it with her new friend Ahsha, whom she calls Care Bear. The naive young dancer is the core of the plot line on 'Hit the Floor'.

Is Kyle similar to you in any way?
Kyle and I do have a few similarities in that we are both southern, funny and confident. But I wouldn't do what Kyle does to get what I want. She is not scared of anything and has no filter. Me on the other hand... yes, I have a filter and I'm a little bit more shy than Kyle.

Do you prefer playing the protagonist or the antagonist?
The antagonist is always the most fun but this is the first time I am playing neither. I am playing the comic relief and the drama is really just with herself. My character is kind of like the protagonist and antagonist within herself.

What runs through your mind when you're auditioning for a role?
I have to book it! Ha! If I'm prepared, then I have nothing but the character to focus on and being present in the room. If I am not prepared, then I am focusing on the lines and that is not good.

You've played a red-headed character before (in Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale). Which do you prefer: red or blonde hair?
I prefer playing the blonde because blondes have more fun! [Laughs] And I am a true blonde. But playing a red head brought a whole different side out of me as an actor. It definitely felt like I was exploring a new side of my personality for the character. I would definitely play a red head again!

Now that you're living in LA, do you miss Mississippi?
I miss my family and friends the most. Mississippi will always have my heart but right now, a few visits a year is the perfect amount of Southern that I need.

You're also a country singer. Are you planning on releasing an EP/album this year?
Yes I plan to get back to the studio soon. The filming of the show along with the dance rehearsals left me very little time to write and record but now that we are on hiatus, I am back at it! Stay tuned....


If you could pick to either dance, sing or act for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
I have been asked this question a few times and my answer has been that I am a performer period. I love them all and whichever one comes to me at a certain time in my life then I will take it and run with that dream.

Which is your favourite project you've worked on?
Oh that's a hard one but my favourite has to be 'Hit The Floor!' It is truly a dream come true! I get to act, dance, be funny, and sexy all at the same time. The only thing that is missing from this equation is singing... which I'm wishing will get written into my plot line at some point.

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