Interview: Jake Short from A.N.T. Farm

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A.N.T Farm is one of Disney's most highly-rated sitcoms at the moment, and it's obvious why. Besides having a unique plot-line about child prodigies attending a school for exceptionally talented students, it features a talented cast as well. Starring China Anne McClainSierra McCormickJake ShortStefanie Scott and Aedin Mincks, the Disney Channel television series is now into its third season and follows through the main characters' journey at a boarding school.

We had the honour of chatting with Jake Short about A.N.T Farm. Jake plays Fletcher Quimby, who is an art prodigy and also the not-so-secret admirer of Chyna (China's character on the show). Not only is the talented 16 year old actor great at acting and comedy, but he's also a martial arts guru! He revealed to Musichel that he used to work out at the XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts) studios prior to A.N.T Farm. He can act, he can fight... I wonder if he can sing?

Jake will be starring opposite Good Luck Charlie star Bradley Steven Perry in his upcoming Disney XD series Mighty Med and he also tells us a bit about what the show is about!

It's no secret that bacon is the love of Jake Short's life. It's my favourite food, too! Jake gives us some food tips on what food goes best with bacon --- read it all in the interview below!


Season 3 of A.N.T. Farm premiered not too long ago - how do you think this season will be different from the previous two seasons and will fans get to see more 'Flyna' (Fletcher + Chyna)?
Although we will miss some of our friends, I think everyone will love the changes. Having the “kids” move to a boarding school allows the writers to explore lots of new avenues. We will just have to wait and see what happens with Fletcher and Chyna!

Which is your favourite episode of A.N.T. Farm?
I think my favourite episode was the Christmas episode during the first season.

The cast of Disney Channel TV series 'A.N.T. Farm'.
From left: Stefanie Scott, Jake Short, China Anne McClain, Aedin Mincks.

Which cast member of the show are you closest to?
Stefanie Scott and I knew each other before we started the show, and we have remained close friends throughout all three seasons.

What are some similarities and differences between you and your character Fletcher?
Fletcher is not very athletic and is a great artist; I love all kinds of sports, and I am not a very good artist. Fletcher is not a very good student, but I think school is very important. Fletcher is funny and enjoys pranks, and I love pranks also.

Apart from your starring role as Fletcher on A.N.T. Farm, are you working on anything else?
I can’t wait for all of you to see the new show! Watch for the season premiere of Mighty Med on Disney XD in October. We started filming in July; it is a fun show about super heroes and ordinary kids!

I hear that you're an expert in martial arts - which kind of martial arts do you do and how did it all begin?
Before I got so busy with A.N.T. Farm, I worked out every day at XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts Headquarters). I love tumbling, trampoline and martial arts. I really enjoyed learning new tricks!

You recently celebrated your 16th birthday --- happy belated birthday, by the way. What'd you do on your big day?
We had dinner with some friends; I spent most of the day working on school.

How does your family deal with your fame? It must be crazy for you, being on Disney and getting recognised on the streets and all that.
My family treats me the same as always. They are kind of used to my being recognised when we go out. In general, my fans have been very nice when they see me out.

All your fans know that you are crazy about bacon. What do you think goes best with bacon?
A nice crispy piece of French Toast goes great with bacon.

If you could pack your bags and visit any place in the world, where would you go?
People say that New Zealand is quite beautiful. I would love to go there some day. However, there are lots of places that I would like to visit as well. I hope that I get to do that.

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