Disney Channel Fan Fest with Maia Mitchell, Bridgit Mendler & Teen Beach Movie

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To celebrate the premiere of Disney's latest original movie, Teen Beach Movie, Disney Channel Asia organised a Disney Channel Fan Fest in Singapore, where a small group of lucky fans had the opportunity to be one of the first few people in Asia to watch Teen Beach Movie a week before its first official air date in Asia.

Joining the fans in this convivial event were Disney stars Bridgit Mendler and Maia Mitchell. Maia stars as McKenzie in Teen Beach Movie and she also stars on ABC Family's The Fosters as Callie; Bridgit currently stars as Teddy in Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie (production for the show recently ended but the show will continue airing new episodes until early 2014) and she also had a starring role as Olivia in DCOM Lemonade Mouth. These two ladies are currently Disney Channel's biggest stars and it was an honour to have them grace the first ever Disney Channel Fan Fest.

The crowd at the Disney Channel Fan Fest in Singapore

The DC Fan Fest opened with an emcee warming up the crowd. He welcomed everyone to the event and gave a brief overview of the programme for the day. He held a Q&A session with the fans about Maia and Bridgit, asking questions about their work and life, to which the fans enthusiastically screamed answers. Unfortunately, there were no prizes for correct answers but everyone had fun learning more about these two stars!

To entertain the audience while waiting for the first segment of the DC Fan Fest, they played some Disney Channel advertisements (did you know that Disney's releasing an animated spin-off to Cars called Planes? I HAVE to watch that one) and Bridgit Mendler music videos, which sent the crowd into delirium.

The audience was sitting on the floor Indian-style and the place was a little too cramped for them. In spite of the waves of numbness coursing through their legs, everyone instantly forgot about the pins and needles when the star act of the day arrived onstage --- Bridgit Mendler.

The blonde Good Luck Charlie star was welcomed onto the stage by the ear-splitting screaming of her excited fans and she performed three songs from her debut album Hello My Name Is... (read about Bridgit's performance on Page 2)

Bridgit Mendler takes the stage at the Disney Channel Fan Fest in Singapore

After Bridgit's marvellous gig, four groups of finalists from the Teen Beach Movie dance competition went up onto the stage to showcase their moves which were inspired by Teen Beach Movie. Two teams danced to "Surf's Up" and the other two danced to "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'". It's hard to believe that these dancers are only between 9 to 17 years old! They moved around the stage effortlessly and in perfect synchronisation, just like pros. Needless to say, I, along with everyone else in the room, was hypnotised & extremely impressed by their tasteful choreography. While some of the moves were taken from the movie, they also managed to make the dance their own, which is definitely not an easy feat. They did a brilliant job and I'm certain that their flair for dancing will take them places someday.

After the four dance teams showcased their dance moves, they received a surprise --- Maia Mitchell went onstage and complimented all of them on their dancing! She even asked for a picture with them!

Maia Mitchell poses for a group picture with dance contestants

Maia had a short Q&A session with the emcee. She revealed that her favourite song off the Teen Beach Movie soundtrack was "Falling For Ya" by Grace Phipps, who plays Lela. That's my favourite song as well! She also mentioned that it was her first time in Singapore and that she was enjoying her trip here so far. The Australian beauty also surprised everyone when she said that she had never surfed prior to the movie. Why, she surfed like a pro in the movie! It's hard to imagine Maia struggling with something she appears to be so good at. And when asked to pick favourites between the Bikers and Surfers, the two rival gangs in the film, she chose the Surfers. Cowabunga!

Maia Mitchell introducing Teen Beach Movie to fans at the Disney Channel Fan Fest in Singapore

The first screening of Teen Beach Movie in Singapore officially began following Maia's introduction. Read about it on page 3!

There was a meet & greet session with Maia & Bridgit after Teen Beach Movie. I had no idea about it and I was extremely shocked when we were informed about it just after the credits rolled. Everyone received a goody bag (I'll let you know its contents later) and started lining up to meet the stars. Maia and Bridgit were seated at separate tables and they each signed posters:

The contents of the goody bag included a Teen Beach Movie temporary tattoo set, a Teen Beach Movie flying disc, a Disney notebook & stationery set and a Perry the Platypus cap!

It was definitely the best day ever. Thank you Disney Channel for making everyone's dreams a reality! Cue Spongebob Squarepants' "Best Day Ever".

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