Three Potential Mr. Taylor Swifts

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Everyone knows that Taylor Swift cannot resist cute guys. After purportedly dating approximately 14 guys within a mere 3 years (that's around 78.2 days per boyfriend), the blonde star has earned herself a serial-dater reputation. Having dated guys the likes of Taylor Lautner and Harry Styles, the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer is the envy of girls all over the world.

Being the nosy relationship 'experts' that we are, we at Musichel have shortlisted three lucky guys whom we feel have the potential to not only be Taylor Swift's future boyfriend, but could also quite possibly be The One!


#1: RYAN FLETCHER (of Lawson)

British hottie Ryan Fletcher from pop band Lawson is blonde, cute and British. The bassist admitted to Musichel that he is a huge fan of Taylor's and vice versa. He fondly narrated his first encounter with Taylor in an interview we did with him and his band-mate Joel Peat a while ago: "She actually came to one of our gigs just before Christmas and it was mental. She was watching from the side of the stage and she was singing along to the lyrics and she came over afterwards and she was like, “Hi I’m Taylor, I’m a huge fan, 'Standing in the Dark” is my favourite song!' And we were just like, 'What? How are you introducing yourself to us? We’re just four idiots!'"

Unfortunately, Ryan is a taken man as he is dating fellow British singer Stacey McClean.



Former Disney Channel star Sterling Knight is funny, blonde and Texan --- three attributes that most girls go gaga over. Sterling rose to stardom when he starred alongside Demi Lovato as the egoistic Chad Dylan Cooper in Sonny With A Chance (P/S: I'm a HUGE channy shipper). After the show ended in season 2 due to Demi Lovato's rehab stint, the 24 year old currently has a recurring role as Zander on ABC Family's Melissa & Joey.

Sterling knows how to make a girl crack up and of course, his dashing good looks can charm any girl! He's also an amazing chef and he loves tweeting pictures of his delicious dishes. His tweets never fail to get my stomach growling. Sounds like the man for Taylor Swift!

Alas, Sterling is in a committed relationship with singer Stephanie Crews. Darn it, why are all the cute guys always taken?



Alright, I'm pretty sure everyone saw this one coming. We can't help it though --- they look like such a cute couple! The couple pair are just friends (or so they say...) and they recently collaborated on a track titled "Everything Has Changed". Ed is also touring with Taylor on her Red Tour (aww!).

In December 2012, Ed told The Sun that he wasn't Taylor Swift's type: "We had great fun when we met. But I don't think I'm Taylor's type. If you look at all the dudes she's dated, they're all tall, brown hair, brown eyes, very attractive and all the girls scream for them. I am chubby, ginger with blue eyes."

Aww come on Ed, don't put yourself down like that! You're an incredible musician and you have throngs of fangirls waiting to be Mrs. Sheeran! You never know though --- maybe in 10 years time, things would have changed and the theme song of Ed and Taylor's wedding would be... wait for it... "Everything Has Changed"! I'm sorry, I just had to.

Please note that the contents of this article are purely for entertainment purposes. Musichel has no malicious  intentions of tarnishing any person's reputation.
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