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Up-and-coming hip-hop boy-band W3 The Future are making a name for themselves. The Young Money artists may be young but they've got talent and looks! The band signed with Young Money Entertainment (Nikki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, etc) earlier in 2013 and they have already toured with the biggest names in hip-hop.

The three teenagers behind W3 The Future are EdgeOne, DG and 3SixT --- they recently spoke to Musichel to introduce W3 The Future to us and they told us all about the exciting America's Most Wanted Tour that took place this summer!

We see a lot of boy-bands doing pop and then there's W3 The Future --- your music is more on the hip-hop side. What are some ways in which you feel that W3 The Future are different from a typical boy-band?
All of us can sing and rap, so that makes it a unique combination. We try to make our music different and especially futuristic. Also, our backgrounds are so different:
EdgeOne is Asian. DG is half Black and half White. 3SixT is Mexican and White.

I couldn't help but notice that WTF is an abbreviation for W3 The Future. Was that intentional when you came up with the band name?
Yes, we wanted to come up with something catchy and what more catchy than WTF?

How's school for you like now that you're signed to a label and touring all over the country?
We love school and it has certainly been different. We balance school with rehearsals and studio time. As for the touring, we do it during the summer.

How have your careers changed after signing with Young Money?
It has changed a lot. We have had the opportunity to work with great producers, and being part of the Young Money family is awesome!

Which has been your favourite destination on the America's Most Wanted Tour so far?
Buffalo, NY. Not only was the crowd was awesome but we also had the opportunity to chill with Drake!

Any plans for an album or an EP?
We are working on our debut album and fans should expect it soon.

How did your stage names come about?
3SixT: It was my dad's nickname so I used it.
DG: I wish I had a cool story but it's just my initials.
EdgeOne: I had Edge previously in a dance group. I added the One because of Feng Shui.

Craziest thing you've done this summer?
We went on tour with Lil Wayne.

Which member of the band is the wackiest?
3SixT --- he is so funny!

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Photo credits: W3 The Future / Facebook

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