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Taking radio waves by storm with their latest single "Superstar", Room 94 is making a name for themselves not just in their homeland, the United Kingdom, but also worldwide. The band have, through their infectious pop-rock music, earned themselves fans from all over the world, even in Singapore!

The four British boys, comprising of three brothers Kieran Lemon (vocals, guitar), Dean Lemon (drums, backing vocals), Sean Lemon (guitar, backing vocals) and good friend Kit Tanton (bass guitar), have got big plans and a big future ahead of them. For starters, they will be touring with fellow British band Lawson in October.

The boys took some time off to speak to Musichel about Room 94's humble beginnings, the unforeseen success of "Superstar", crazy fan encounters in Poland and they also left some sweet messages for their awesome fans in Singapore!


How did Room 94 get started as a band?
Kieran: I started the band with some friends from school and then I asked Dean to join.
Dean: I couldn't play drums! I taught myself!
Kieran: We used to rehearse in 'Room 94' at school, then when we decided to take the band seriously and tour, Sean & Kit joined!

What do you do to get inspiration for songwriting?
Sean: We take inspiration from everything --- partying, girls, love...
Kieran: I'll come up with an idea and show the others, and we will all work together.

How do you feel about being compared to rock bands like All Time Low and Blink 182?
Kit: It is a privilege as they are two of our favourite bands!
Dean: They are very big influences of ours! We would love to have their success.

How is it like working in a band with your brothers?
Sean: It's good! We all get along.
Kieran: We can all tell what each other is thinking!

Room 94 will be touring with Lawson in October - how excited are you guys?
Dean: We are all really excited. They are good friends of ours!
Kieran: The last tour with them was so much fun, we can't wait to get back out with them!

Your new single “Superstar” is currently on the Hot 30 charts on Singapore's Hot FM and it has also done well in other international music charts. Did you envision the success this song has achieved prior to its release?
Sean: We wrote it as a fun time song, and we love everyone jumping and dancing to it at our live shows, and for it to do so well is great! We had no idea how successful it would be and we love our fans for making that happen!

What is the band’s favourite song to perform live?
Everyone: Superstar! It's a very energetic and fun song to play!

What's your most memorable tweet from a fan?
Kieran: Some of the memorable ones are how we have helped people through our music.

Being an all-guy band, your must have encountered some crazy fans. Have you ever had any crazy fan encounters?
Sean: Our fans aren't too crazy, they give us some great presents!
Dean: In Poland, we had fans chasing the car and trying to climb in the hotel!

The band members also left some messages for their awesome fans in Singapore:

Kieran: Thank you so much for your support!
Kit: We can't wait to come over and play for all of you!
Sean & Dean: We love you!

Keep up with Room 94 on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and also check out their official website!

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