QUIZ: Could you be the future Mrs Horan?

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We all know the phenomenal British boy-band One Direction. They're pretty much a household name. While all five members are utter cuties, one blonde Irish member stands out above the rest: Niall Horan.

Everyday, we get hundreds of readers on a particular article we wrote in April titled 'Niall Horan reveals dream girlfriend', with most of our search engine traffic coming from people who searched things like "what is niall's dream girl like". If you're one of the girls eyeing up the role of being the future Mrs Horan, you would probably want to know what your chances are of being Niall's other half. Well, look no further! This short quiz will gauge your compatibility with the 19 year old Irish heartthrob!

On a scale of 1 - 10, how sporty are you? [10: sportiest and 1: least sporty]

A) 1-3
B) 4-7
C) 7-10

Do you play any musical instruments?

A) No
B) Yes
C) Well, I do know a few notes on the piano...

In your group of friends, which of the following are you?

A) The shy one
B) The one who makes everyone laugh
C) The level-headed one

What is your favourite summer activity?

A) Partying at the beach!
B) Spending time with my friends and family!
C) Attending gigs!

What would you do if you met One Direction?

A) Scream, faint, wake up, kiss them and faint again
B) TRY to keep calm and be myself. Emphasis on the word 'try'
C) Ramble about how big of a fan I am and tell them that I love them

How many tattoos do you have?

A) More than three
B) None
C) Less than three

Which of the following best describes your personality?

A) Easily excitable
B) Sentimental
C) Confident

Now, let's tally up your score. Here are the points allocation for each A, B or C you checked:

  • A: 1 point
  • B: 3 points
  • C: 2 points

Alright, have you calculated your total score? Here are the results:

16 - 21 points: DING DING DING, I'm definitely seeing a match here! You more or less possess the characteristics Niall looks for in a girl and who knows? Maybe if you attended a 1D concert and as fate would have it, Niall spotted you and brought you backstage to get to know you better...

10 - 15 points: While your personality may not be a perfect match to Niall's, it's not the end of the world! You know what they say --- opposites attract!

7 - 10 points: Unfortunately, your personality probably isn't very compatible with Niall's. However, there are still plenty of fish in the sea --- and by "plenty of fish in the sea", I mean Harry. Go get him, tiger!

You can purchase One Direction's latest single "Best Song Ever" from iTunes: iTunes Singapore | iTunes USA

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15 comments to QUIZ: Could you be the future Mrs Horan?

  • Camila  says:


  • Paige  says:

    17... I mean, I'm still up there, but not AS up there. OMG I LOVE YOU NIALL!!!!!!!!! I love him. He's the best in the band... I cried when I saw a video of "Niall Horan Funny Moments". I cried because I love him so much. I LOVE YOU IF YOU EVER SEE THIS!!!!!

  • Courtney  says:

    I'm such a 1D fan but my favorite it Niall Horan he's sexy and cute and I scored 22 without cheating

    • ROSE LOVES NIALL  says:

      Same here but scored 16

  • Rashmikka  says:

    19! woohoo! cx


      I got 19

  • Abby  says:

    I love Niall horan

  • kayla ruiz  says:

    i score 16 points and my answers were

  • bajaber  says:

    wow.... how to do this quiz guys....plz tell me!!!!

  • bbg22  says:

    Score: 19 ( :

  • Emaan  says:

    Score 21❤️

  • Abby  says:

    I love you Niall Horan. I think I am your biggest fan. I got 20 points.

  • Cieara~horan  says:

    Sure he's mine I didn't know all those facts about him I was curious and searched it up andhes my type I love football(soccer) I play guitar and eat a lot aha I'm intelligent I'm not lying I love you niall x

  • Shannon  says:

    10 - 15 points: While your personality may not be a perfect match to Niall's, it's not the end of the world! You know what they say --- opposites attract!

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