Jay Sean in Singapore: Interview & Concert Review

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Jay Sean was greeted with waves of cheers from the crowd as he breezed onto the stage vestured in a black wife-beater, a sleeveless leather jacket and grey trousers. Fans were ecstatic to finally see their idol live in concert at Siloso Beach in Sentosa, Singapore on Oct 11.

Blasting off the 80-minute set with club banger “Hit The Lights”, Jay Sean proved that he was just as good a performer as he was a singer. With his energetic dancing, Jay got the crowd all hyped up the second he sang the the first note of "Hit The Lights"!

Entertaining the crowd alongside the Cash Money recording artist were British beatboxer MC Zani, an alluring female dancer, a guitarist who alternated between the acoustic and electric guitar and a DJ.

Jay teased the crowd with sensual songs like “Ride It”, “Love” and “Sex101”, which saw Jay and his female dancer creating a romantic vibe for the concert.

The talented singer showed off his beatboxing skills in a little skit with MC Zani, where they beatboxed an Eminem song. Jay also paid homage to his Punjab roots by singing little snippets of Punjabi songs and a full version of “Dance With You”, an English-Punjabi song.

The members of the lively crowd were surely die-hard fans of Jay, as they chanted along to every single word of every single song he performed that night, including the raps! There were even fans who travelled all the way to Singapore from countries like India just to catch their idol live in concert. Now that is what we call dedication!

“Come on, let me sing more songs. You know this is a long show, right?” asked Jay when fans screamed for him to perform his biggest hit to date, “Down”, just halfway through the show! While he did not perform the phenomenal hit just yet, he performed another single earlier in the night that was released at the peak of his career – “Do You Remember” – which was, of course, greeted with an eruption of cheers.

Jay is so much more than just a pretty face – he has pretty darn good vocal skills as well, as demonstrated by his skilful vocalising at the end of “Eyes On You”, which was released more than nine years ago! He flaunted his vocal skills throughout the show, much to the fans’ amazement. Musical talent, coupled with the ability to adapt well to different genres of music (he has done soul, R&B, pop and dance), is the reason why Jay Sean has survived in the music industry for over a decade!

Jay slowed down the show with his latest single “Mars” and the performance was out of this world, pun intended. As mentioned in his interview with us, the down-to-earth singer (again, pun intended) enjoys performing “Mars” as it allows the fans to chill out while he gets to really sing and true enough, we did feel more relaxed as his silvery voice travelled through a considerable range in the song.

Audience waited with bated breath as Jay introduced his second-last song. As soon as he said the word “Down”, deafening screams came from the crowd, which were definitely an indication of how big a hit the song was. The phenomenal hit, which features the rapping skills of Lil Wayne, has garnered more than 131 million hits on the official YouTube music video to date and the song scored multiple number ones in music charts worldwide, including the highly-coveted US Billboard Hot 100 chart! “Down” was Jay’s breakthrough single into the American market and he has, at many times, accredited the dance-pop hit with his launch into stardom.

The last song of the night was “2012 (It Ain’t the End)”, which got the audience savouring every last bit of the concert as they danced zealously and sang along with Jay. While it was already 2013 and the song was outdated by a year, as Jay mentioned before the song, it was still a hit and it would always be one of the best songs in the history of dance songs in the hearts of his fans. As much as we would have liked to say that the last note of “2012” ain’t the end of Jay Sean’s Neon concert in Singapore, it unfortunately was and fans watched him leave with sad eyes and some tears were even shed.

The concert was a good one with the lively, upbeat performances by Jay and his incredible crew. If you have never been to a Jay Sean concert before, well… what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on what could be the best dance concert of your life! If I were a billionaire, I would probably travel the world and follow Jay on tour and attend every single concert of his.

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