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Trading their usual rock get-up for acoustic instruments, Boys Like Girls entertained a large crowd that had gathered outside the ION Orchard mall with stripped-down versions of their biggest hits. The mall celebrates its fourth anniversary this year and as usual, it held its annual autumn/winter fashion showcase along with a fantastic musical act to conclude the show.

With acts like Carrie Underwood and David Cook headlining the event in previous years, this year’s star performer was none other than Boys Like Girls. With three studio albums and many gold and platinum singles to their name, the band is a household name all over the world, particularly in Asia. John Keefe, Martin Johnson, Morgan Dorr and Paul DiGiovanni came onto the stage with their acoustic instruments, which was a peculiar sight to the predominantly Singaporean audience. The band has performed in Singapore multiple times but this was their first public acoustic performance here.

Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar, backing vocals)

Teasing the crowd with a slowed-down chorus of “Be Your Everything”, Martin exhibited his versatile vocals which drove troves of fans wild while his band-mates tuned their instruments. The hour-long show commenced with pop-rock hit “Love Drunk”, the lead single off their 2009 release of the same name.

The boys – or rather, men – were immensely energetic as they worked to hype up the crowd and succeeded. Bassist Morgan interacted actively with fans, throwing items such as guitar picks and bottles of water into the crowd. Drummer John also led the crowd in clapping and singing. Despite the absence of electric guitars and a drum set, the band rocked the entire Orchard area anyway with their star power, emotionally fervent strumming and heartfelt vocals.

Morgan Dorr (bass guitar, vocals)

With a good balance of fast-paced rock songs and ballads, the band made seamless transitions between songs. When the frontman Martin told the crowd that they were about to perform “Stuck in the Middle” for the very first time right here in Singapore, the crowd went ecstatic. A wave of pride washed over everyone after that little announcement. It was certainly an honour to be the first audience the song, which is track 5 on their latest album Crazy World, was performed to.

Martin Johnson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)

Taking a trip down memory lane with 2006 songs like “Hero/Heroine” and “Thunder”, the fans were taken on a journey through the band’s 8-year career. While there probably wasn’t enough time to play all of the songs the band has released to date, they tried to cover as many songs as possible with transitory medleys, where Martin sang the choruses of some songs the band has released in the past. Songs performed in these medleys include “Holiday” (Boys Like Girls), “On Top of the World” (Boys Like Girls), “Real Thing” (Love Drunk), “I Told You So” (Heavy Heart EP) and “Five Minutes to Midnight” (Boys Like Girls).

Pam Chan, a Singaporean fan who won the band’s online karaoke contest back in 2012, joined Martin and Paul onstage to sing the female parts of “Two Is Better Than One”. Originally sung by country-pop star Taylor Swift, Pam won over the hearts of the crowd with her vocals which were definitely on par with Taylor Swift’s.

While Martin remained onstage the whole time, the band members darted in and out of the stage and teased fans by peeking out of the backstage curtains very “covertly”.

Bringing the show to a close was “The Great Escape”, which peaked at #23 on the US Billboard Hot 100 — their third-highest single rating to date. Strutting down the runway as he sang, Martin got everyone on their feet for the final song of the night.

Just a little trivia: the guitar Martin used in the show was the guitar he wrote the lyrics of “Life of the Party” on in the song’s lyric video!

Having seen the band live three times, this is undoubtedly the best show they have played in Singapore to date. Perhaps it was the intimate setting of the show or the acoustic instrumentation that amplified the band members’ talents. Martin’s vocals get better and better with every performance, that’s for sure. Morgan, the newest addition to the band, also showcased his solid vocals and proved that he was more than just a bassist with his mellow and soothing falsettos. Paul’s guitar solos were performed on the acoustic guitar instead of the usual electric guitar. He pulled it off well, though, and that was admirable. Seeing John centerstage with his band-mates with a cajon was something different — he’s usually sat at the back of the stage, hidden by his drums and cymbals. Apart from playing his cajon, he friskily interacted with fans who unleashed deafening shrieks whenever he or any of the band members looked their way.

Without a doubt, Boys Like Girls remains one of the most popular pop-rock bands in the world with their extraordinary musical skills and ever-changing musical stylings. With their newest venture into the country music scene, we can’t wait to see what the band has in store for the fans in the near future.


    1. "Love Drunk"
    2. "Hero/Heroine"
    3. "Heels Over Head"
    4. "Be Your Everything"
    5. "Life of the Party"
    6. "Go" (chorus only) and "Thunder"
    7. "Five Minutes to Midnight" (chorus only) and "She's Got a Boyfriend Now"
    8. "Stuck in the Middle"
    9. "Two is Better than One" (featuring Pam Chan)
    10. Medley: "Holiday", "On Top of the World", "Real Thing", "I Told You So"
    11. Encore: "The First Time"
    12. Encore: "The Great Escape

John Keefe (drums)

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