Jonas Brothers Not Splitting

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Phew! After two very painful weeks of silence from the boys of the Jonas Brothers, Joe and Nick have finally taken to Twitter to address their fans.

On Oct 9, the band cancelled their comeback tour, citing "creative differences" as the reason. This left fans hanging and uncertain about the future of the pop rock band. Furthermore, the band recently deleted their Twitter account, further fuelling rumours about the band splitting up.

"Bear with us," tweeted the youngest member Nick early this morning. His brother Joe followed up thirty minutes later, asking their fans to "please hold while we get our shit together."

It's a sign that the Jonas Brothers are not over yet! We are all very, very, very relieved and hopefully, the band will sort out their differences ASAP and get their butts back on tour. And by ASAP, we mean NOW.

Just kidding. Take your time, boys. You only cancelled nineteen shows in nineteen cities. No biggie.

Photo credits: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

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