Interview: Elyse Levesque

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Actress, model, dancer and rapper — that is the unusual combination that makes Elyse Levesque a quadruple-threat. Best-known for her role on hit series Stargate Universe and more recently, Hallmark's Cedar Cove, the Canadian star has an extensive résumé that spans from small-scale films to big-name TV series.

The 28 year old actress, who used to model all over the world, also does rapping on the side with two friends. The group, who call themselves Coupla Hot Chicks Maybe Three, are currently working on new material.

Elyse took some time to talk to Musichel about Cedar Cove, which recently wrapped up its first season, as well as her upcoming indie film project Fruitcake. Learn more about the talented star in our interview with her!

Could you give us a brief overview of Cedar Cove and your character's role in the show?
Cedar Cove is a new show from Hallmark that is based on a series of books by author Debbie Macomber. It focuses on the life of judge Olivia Lockhart, played by Andie MacDowell, and the people that make up the small town of Cedar Cove. I play Maryellen Sherman, who is the daughter of Olivia's best friend Grace. Maryellen runs the local art gallery and is completely enthralled with the art world and desperate for adventure outside of Cedar Cove. She's a fun character to play as she can be very mature on the one hand, and yet extremely awkward and unsure of herself on the other.

Are there any changes fans can expect to see in the season two of Cedar Cove?
I wish I had something to share, but I am just as in the dark as the fans, unfortunately. I have no idea what schemes they are cooking up for season two, but I'm sure they'll be both interesting and unexpected!

You have been acting for more than a decade now. How do you feel the film industry has changed over the years?
It's changed in a lot of ways. I remember when doing TV was frowned upon and now, all the great film actors are doing it. Of course, the content in both film and television has gotten a lot racier and I think in some instances a lot more realistic. Audiences are harder to fool nowadays, so the industry has to keep up.

Apart from acting, you've also done some rapping on the side. Any plans to get back to rapping?
Of course! I actually have a couple of things that I'm collaborating on with my female rap group, Coupla Hot Chicks Maybe Three. Stay tuned!

You've worked on shows of various genres. What's your favourite genre?
I'm not sure if period pieces are considered genres, if so then that's been my favourite to do so far! Other than that, I'd have to say fantasy. I love the imagination that genre requires. You are able to create a completely unique world and in it, completely unique characters. I think there's so much freedom in that!

Fruitcake is an upcoming short film you'll be working on later this year — what inspired it?
It was originally inspired by the story of Doctor Walter Freeman, a man who popularised the icepick lobotomy in the late 40s - early 50s. The story has taken many different incarnations since then, but that is where we got our inspiration from.

You and your team are using Indiegogo to fund Fruitcake. How different is the production process of an indie film from that of a normal one?
I'm not entirely qualified to answer that, as I have never been on the other side of any other production process... but I'd imagine it's a lot more strenuous attempting to produce a normal to bigger budget project. The one advantage is that the bigger the project (i.e. names attached etc), the more excitement it generates and perhaps the more money you are able to get for your budget. I'm sure it's all relative.

If you could act in a remake of a popular 'oldie' film or TV show, which show would it be and which character would you play?
If they were to remake Ghostbusters, I would love to play Sigourney Weaver's character Dana. That being said, I hope they never remake it. It's perfect just as it was!

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