Shane Filan: Knee deep in Singapore's heart

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The audience waited with bated breath as they awaited the arrival of Irish singer Shane Filan. Shane has performed in Singapore a number of times, but this was no ordinary show — it was Shane’s first show in Singapore as a solo artist.

Best known for being one-fifth of sensational Irish boy band Westlife, Shane was greeted with deafening screams the very second he stepped foot onto the stage. It was strange seeing the 34 year old onstage alone without the company of his former band-mates but when the singer began his thirty-minute set with debut single “Everything To Me”, it immediately settled in with the crowd and all worries went out of the window. The upbeat pop song, which peaked at #7 on the Irish Singles Chart, hyped up the crowd and started off the show with a bang.

“This is the first week of my solo career,” Shane announced after wrapping up his first song of the night. His debut album You And Me was released just six days before his showcase in Singapore. The singer also expressed hopes to return to Singapore for a big concert in summer 2014 with a bigger band. He also confirmed that he will likely be returning to Singapore two to three times within the next eight months “so you’re going to be seeing more of me!”

Things took a turn for the unexpected when the father of three performed a cover of Daughtry’s “What About Now”, which Westlife released as a cover back in 2009. Amidst confused faces, fans were nevertheless thrilled to hear Shane perform a Westlife release as it was the only Westlife song the singer performed that night.

Closing the show with his latest single “About You”, Shane gave the audience his all as he performed the pop love ballad. Fans sang along, with not a single word out of place. With such a supportive and loyal fan-base, Shane will definitely have no qualms about his newly-launched solo career!

Contrary to popular belief, being part of a boy band does not make one a weak singer. From the showcase at Zouk, it is apparent that Shane is a powerful singer who is able to channel his emotions into his music and performances. Those are the makings of a true performer. You can take the man out of the band, but you can’t take the band out of the man. The positive vibe his music exudes, coupled with his superlative musicianship, forms a killer combination that will take Shane Filan’s solo career to great heights.


  1. "Everything to Me"
  2. "Once"
  3. "Knee Deep in My Heart"
  4. "What About Now" (Daughtry cover)
  5. "About You"

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Photo credits: Amos Wong

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