Lorde's success attributed to Spotify

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Having released one of the hottest songs of 2013, New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde is now a household name. With her multi-platinum single "Royals" topping music charts in every corner of the globe, a multi-platinum debut album and more than half a million followers on Twitter, the 17 year old is rapidly rising up the fame ladder.

How did this phenomenal success begin? Forbes reports that Spotify played a prominent role in making the teenager the superstar she is today. Influential Spotify user Sean Parker, best known for co-founding Napster and helming Facebook, added "Royals" to his Spotify playlist 'Hipster International', one of the most popular playlists on the online music radio service with more than 800,000 followers, on Apr 2. This move was the one move that kick-started the singer's mainstream career.

“I feel like in many ways she’s the antidote to disposable pop music,” Sean Parker says, explaining why he chose to add "Royals" to his playlist. "I feel like it was accessible to the same people who listen to Katy Perry, for instance, but there’s obviously something more authentic and personal to Lorde’s music. I got the sense she represents the return to a singer-songwriter approach to songwriting, and yet she has a knack for writing incredibly infectious melodies."

The reaction to the song being added to the playlist was almost instantaneous as the song quickly ascended the Spotify Viral Chart. "The plays just kept growing as word of the track spread across their network," says Jason Flom, the head of Lava Records (Lorde's record label). "It was the first spark that lit the blaze of attention and activity that culminated in Lorde’s incredible album debut.”

It is amazing how influential online media can be in shaping an artist's career. Today, seven out of ten of the songs from Lorde's debut album Pure Heroine are on Spotify's Top 100 (United States) list. The two music videos for "Royals" have exceeded a combined total of 120 million views on YouTube. There is no stopping Lorde as she continues to dominate music today with her addictive minimalist tunes that speak volumes to the world.

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