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Touted as Disney's best film since its renaissance era in the late 20th century, Frozen takes viewers young and old on a tumultuous magical journey in the fictional kingdom of Arendelle.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle (played by Idina Menzel) has the mystical ability to create ice, frost and snow. As a child, she almost killed her younger sister Princess Anna (played by Kristen Bell) while both children were playing with snow in the palace. She later learned that her powers were only going to get more powerful as the years went by, which could cause severe damage. This saw the older sibling forced into isolation to protect everyone, including Anna. When things go awry at Elsa's coronation where eternal winter drives Elsa into hiding, Anna leaves her newfound love Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (played by Santino Fontana) in search of her estranged sister to beg her to stop the winter.

Along the way, she meets mountain man Kristoff (played by Jonathan Groff) and his reindeer Sven, who aid her in her quest to talk things out with Elsa. The trio later encounter Olaf (played by Josh Gad), a living snowman, who joins the group and provides comical relief with his longing desire to experience summer. Apart from the exhilarating adventure that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, romance is also in the air as Anna seeks to fall in love — something she has always desired but never had the chance to experience due to her family's isolation from the public.

Frozen sees Disney abandon its traditional prince charming plot-line for a more realistic one that its twenty-first century audience can surely relate to. The film also amplifies Disney's motto to provide family entertainment as it doesn't merely define 'true love' as the love between one and their significant other, but also the love amongst family members. While Disney is still playing the same game after all these years, it has changed its cards to stay relevant and from the looks of Frozen, they have by far succeeded in their mission.

Take your friends, family and a box of tissues to watch Frozen — it will be the most magical 108 minutes of your life!

Frozen5 out of 5

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