Why everyone loves 'Frozen'

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For the past couple of weeks, tweets about Frozen have practically inundated my Twitter timeline. Everyone who's seen the movie has fallen in love with it. Why? My totally un-clichéd response: why not? What's there not to love about Frozen?

Haven't seen Frozen yet? Allow me to convince you why you should. Having seen the movie twice (and craving to watch it for the third time), there is no doubt that the film's unorthodox plot sets it apart from its Disney predecessors.

Girl power

Disney has long come under criticism for portraying its female characters as weak damsels in distress and its male characters as saviours. Frozen breaks through this stereotype with its leading females Elsa and Anna being strong, independent women. For instance, Anna proved in one scene that females are just as capable as males when she saved Kristoff from a pack of wolves not with her physical strength but by utilising her resources and brain power.

Prince Charming who?

Another thing I love about Frozen is that it proves that girls don't need a Prince Charming to be happy. While Tangled did the job, I feel that Frozen amplifies this more prominently with the love triangle between Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, Kristoff (a rural mountain man) and Anna. With Prince Hans' betrayal (oops, sorry for the spoiler) and Kristoff's bravery, it clearly illustrates that Prince Charming may not be the right guy for the ladies.


Every movie has a slapstick sidekick and Frozen is no exception — here, we have Olaf, a living snowman who yearns to experience summer and warmth. Oh, the irony. His sunny personality often focuses on the bright side of things and ignores the negative. In a sequence titled "In Summer", he dreams of frolicking around in summer and when he sings a line that goes: "Put me in summer and I'll be...", he sees a puddle and chooses to ignore it and continues with: "a happy snowman!" If we all had Olaf's free-spirited optimism, the world would definitely be a better place.

Need more convincing to watch Frozen? The movie has been nominated for Best Animated Feature Film in the prestigious Golden Globe Awards for 2014! Watching Frozen will be an enchanting and chilling experience you will never forget and for those needing extra pizzazz, I have two words: Three-D! Having seen the movie in both 3D and 2D (although the animation itself is 3D), I can promise that both versions offer viewers an unparallelable experience that will make them shed tears — tears of laughter and tears of love.

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