Hollywood to Broadway: 8 pop stars who should be on Broadway

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As a fan of both pop music and musical theatre, I always wondered how cool it would be to see my favourite pop stars on Broadway. It would be like seeing a whole new side of them and it would just make me admire them even more because I love Broadway to bits. Okay, I get that there's this little rivalry between Broadway and West End but for the sake of this article, I'm just going to refer to major musical theatre productions as 'Broadway'.

When I heard that Carly Rae Jepsen was cast as the titular character in Broadway's Cinderella, I literally had a meltdown. I love you, Carly, but the thought of you starring on Broadway with that voice just doesn't sit well with me. Stick to pop music please. I gave the idea of pop singers on Broadway some thought and I realised that 95% of pop artists on the charts right now are merely recording artists; they do not have what it takes to actually do musical theatre and do it well. I don't believe some of them have even heard of the word 'vibrato' (but if they have, well, good on them). After much contemplation, I drew up a list of eight singers who should consider pursuing a career in musical theatre because they do have the chops to make it big in that industry.



Dove Cameron

Lady Gaga

Note: I think Lady Gaga should totally play Miss Hannigan in Annie. Who's with me?

Bruno Mars


Kelly Clarkson

Pixie Lott

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