Review: Disney Channel's 'I Didn't Do It'

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A brand new year, a brand new TV show to get hooked on. When Disney Channel premiered its pilot episode for its new series I Didn't Do It yesterday, I instantly knew that I had found my newest addiction.

I Didn't Do It is a comedy series that follows fraternal twin sister and brother Lindy and Logan Watson who, along with their three best friends — Jasmine, Garrett and Delia — take on their freshman year of high school together, one outrageous adventure after another. The show stars Olivia Holt as Lindy, Austin North as Logan, Piper Curda as Jasmine, Sarah Gilman as Delia and Peyton Clark as Garrett.

The five friends couldn't be more different from one another but somehow, they all seem to click. Lindy is the level-headed one, Logan is the fun-loving one, Jasmine is the crazy one, Delia is the eccentric one and Garrett is the nerdy one. All five personalities clash with one another which seems to make their friendship even stronger — encouraging diversity among communities and social groups.

The cast of I Didn't Do It
From left: Peyton Clark ('Garrett'), Olivia Holt ('Lindy'), Piper Curda ('Jasmine'), Sarah Gilman ('Delia'), Austin North ('Logan')

I Didn't Do It certainly will not disappoint any comedy-lovers — it is apparent from the get-go that this show will be one that can keep its audience laughing for hours on end. The unique format of the show begins with the twins getting into trouble, whereby they will vividly recount the events leading up to that in flashback sequences.

The first episode follows the group of friends starting off their freshmen year in high school. The super-competitive twins yearn for the attention of Seth Wall, the most popular senior in the school — Logan for popularity and Lindy for romance. The Watson parents leave the twins in the care of a ninety-one year old babysitter, who gets in the way of them throwing a party to impress Seth. The party eventually takes place, with many complications arising in the process and the group of friends take matters into their own hands to save themselves from getting into trouble.

The relationship between Lindy and Logan is a love-hate one, as one quickly learns in the first episode. They are ultra-competitive and they dislike having to share with each other as they have been forced to do many times in the past, but ultimately, their love for each other overpowers their selfish desires and they will do anything to protect each other.

I Didn't Do It is a show that most teenagers can relate to — it seems to be targeted towards a more mature audience as compared to other shows created by the Mouse and I respect it for that. The show may showcase wild adventures and stunts but at the end of the episode, it holds in store for the audience a valuable lesson to be learnt and that is the best combination you can have for a comedy series.

Photo credits: Adam Rose / Disney Channel

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