UNEARTHED: 'Far Away' by Chox-Mak featuring DJ YRS Jerzy and N-Tone

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UNEARTHED features hidden gems in music for all music lovers to discover great new music and for emerging artists to gain online exposure.

Unearthed Tune of the Week: "Far Away" by Chox-Mak ft. DJ YRS Jerzy & N-Tone

Genre: R&B

Description: The up and coming duo Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy have done it again delivering another classic to the masses. They bring along with them an R&B singer by the name of N-Tone who has actually produced a couple of records for Chox-Mak in the past. Their new track "Far Away" is a relatable track that everyone can feel and have a connection to. This track just has a personal type of vibe to it that let's the fans know it came from a hard time in their lives. The production was brought by Coaste Beats.

For fans of: B.o.B, Nelly

The whole feel of "Far Away" really does fit the title, which connotes a sense of nostalgia and wistfulness. The song actually sounds like a collaboration between B.O.B and Nelly. This should be an interesting listening experience for all!

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