Interview: Cameron Ocasio of 'Sam & Cat'

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He may be young, but Cameron Ocasio already made a name for himself all over the world. He has acted alongside Hollywood A-listers like Catherine Zeta-Jones, made his Broadway debut and starred in a Nickelodeon sitcom... all at the tender age of fourteen!

The martial art enthusiast currently stars alongside Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy in Sam & Cat, where he plays Dice, the girls' neighbour. Dice is the cool, connected, dealmaker of the apartment building. He knows every tenant and all of the gossip. He brings his lively energy into the girls' lives through his various off-beat interests, from managing a goofy MMA fighter to being a successful hair model.

Cameron, a native New Yorker, had a chat with Musichel to tell us more about Sam & Cat and his life. Have a read at what he has to say to get to know this budding young star!

How did you get your start in acting?
Through the IMTA (International Model & Talent Association) in New York.

Tell us about Sam & Cat and your character, Dice.
Sam & Cat is about two friends who decide to live together and open up their own babysitting business. Dice is their cool slick neighbour who can get them what ever they need and is always trying to make a quick dollar.

The cast of Sam & Cat
From left: Cameron Ocasio ('Dice'), Jennette McCurdy ('Sam'), Ariana Grande ('Cat'), Maree Cheatham ('Nona')

Dice is quite an interesting character. What were your thoughts when you first learned about Dice's 'business endeavours' and personality?
I was very excited and looking forward to playing the role of Dice. I would say that his personality is a lot like mine except for the wheeling and dealing. I love the idea that a young kid has the willingness to explore different businesses.

What is your favorite item that Dice has tried to sell on Sam & Cat?
The “Spife” was a pretty cool idea and Cat loved it! Now all I need is many people like Cat and I would be a millionaire. Leave it to Dice and he will find creative ways to make money.

Is there any prop from Sam & Cat that you want to take home?
A Pear phone!

We hear you're an expert in martial arts. When did you start getting involved in martial arts and do you have any favourite moves to share?
I started when I was five years old and earned my black belt when I was seven years old. I enjoyed contact sparring and my favourite move was the superman punch.

Is it tough juggling your career and school?
At times it can be but I have a great tutor on set!

What is a typical week for you like?
Well, I have school every day and we film four days out of the week. On the weekends, I normally go out with my family, play video games and just have fun with my friends.

Are there any interesting guest stars we can look forward to seeing in upcoming episodes?
There will be some upcoming guest stars from past shows but I cannot mention them at this time until Nickelodeon okays it, so stay tuned with more exciting episodes to come.

If you could guest star in any TV show, which would it be?
Never thought about it but I’m sure that any of the current Nickelodeon shows would be fine. I leave that up to Dan Schneider who is the brains behind it all.

Photo credits: Sierra Prescott

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