Interview: Pop sensation Skye Stevens

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Skye Stevens has the hearts of dance-pop fans wrapped around his fingers. Following the release of his latest hit "Rewind", which soared to #3 on the Billboard dance chart, Skye has proven that he is here to stay.

To inspire others to create and build their own dreams starting with themselves and utilising resources around them, the 20 year old directed, shot and edited a mash-up of One Direction's "Story of My Life" and Katy Perry's "Unconditionally". The result? An extremely cool lyric video and a beautifully-arranged medley of two of the hottest pop ballads at the moment.

Musichel had a chat with Skye to learn more about his new mash-up video, "Rewind" and touring with Cher Lloyd. His bursting talent and penchant for the arts will surely take him far in his skyrocketing music career. With an exciting US tour with IM5 and Above Seclusion lined up later this year and his debut album in the works, Skye Stevens is definitely a name you'd want to remember.

You have been in this industry since you were 5 — how has entering the entertainment world at such a young age impacted you?
Well, it has really allowed me to be the creative person that I am. Growing up around music and dance has definitely impacted me in a big way. When I listen to music, I'm always envisioning formations or music video concepts, and I love making up my own melodies and creating song ideas.

How did your new music video, a mash-up rendition of One Direction's "Story of My Life" and Katy Perry's "Unconditionally", come about?
I wanted to start creating more content for my fans. When you're not on a TV, reality or talent show, YouTube and other social media outlets are your way to make a stage for yourself and build a relationship with your fans, so I wanted to expand it and make something that incorporated artists my fans love and music I really respect too.

Your past videos have all appeared to be very high-budget — what inspired you to do this one yourself?
I thought it would be cool just to go off on my own and create something out of the box and random. It's a video that I just wanted to make for my fans. They give me so much support, so I wanted to keep giving them as much content as possible.

Will you be releasing any new music soon?
I have a new single coming out soon that has a big dance beat and packs a punch!

What inspired the music video for your hit single "Rewind"?
I wanted to create a love story told backwards. We all wish we could go back in time to at least one moment in our life, and I tried to make a video that was personal to me and also relatable to a lot of people. Getting to work with Sasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars was a pretty awesome bonus too.

The media has branded you as triple-threat, since you can sing, dance and you write your own music. Have you ever though of venturing into acting as well?
I have gone in for various movie roles, TV series and pilots which have been great! But my main focus is music and creating smash records and really great music videos.

What was it like playing with Cher Lloyd?
It was awesome. It was in a city that really played my music a lot on the radio, so there were a lot of big fans there. Cher was awesome and really... well, just gorgeous. #crushin!

What made you decide to go vegan?
I became a vegetarian when I moved to LA a few years ago. I just noticed how much energy it gave me. I can do a four-hour dance rehearsal pretty much non-stop now.

If you could "Rewind" to any moment in your life, when would it be?
I'd want to rewind to the first time I went on stage when I was a kid. I was like three feet tall, and the stage was the size of a football field in a massive 2,000 seat concert venue for a dance competition. I was so scared [laughs] but when I got off stage, I remember being sad because I wanted to go on again. And well... I'm still going!

Photo credits: EMC|BOWERY

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