Interview: Rising teen pop sensation Temara Melek

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Temara Melek is young, beautiful and talented — a killer combination when it comes to making it in the pop music industry. Temara is living every teenager's dream: she has opened for Demi Lovato, she has worked with Pretty Little Liars heartthrobs Gregg Sulkin and Keegan Allen, she's touring North America... Of course, with her superlative talent and hard work, it's no surprise why she has come so far in her career and it will definitely be no surprise when we see her tunes on top of every music chart.

"Karma's Not Pretty" is a feisty song where Temara sings about a player who breaks girls' hearts like nobody's business. This is practically the theme song of every teenage girl's life — I mean, who isn't sick of stupid players treating girls like disposable toys?! This girl speaks right to my heart. The music video for "Karma's Not Pretty" features not one, but TWO guys from Pretty Little Liars (Gregg Sulkin and Keegan Allen) — another reason to have this music video on repeat all day long.

Temara took some time to chat with Musichel about her music, working with Gregg and supporting Demi's show. The lucky girl also tells us what it was like to meet One Direction!

Tell us more about yourself and your music.
I live in Los Angeles, CA. I would describe my sound as pop. I have been singing my entire life and did talent shows & pageants when I was younger and then decided I wanted this to be my career about 3 years ago when I started writing songs.

Where or what do you draw inspiration from during your song-writing process?
I draw from real life experiences (whether they are my own or people I know) or things that I feel people can relate to in their lives. And sometimes I just want a feel-good fun song that you just want to dance to!

Temara Melek with Demi Lovato

What was it like supporting Demi Lovato's Neon Lights show?
Supporting Demi was the highlight of my career. It was so much fun and she's such a great person! I will be forever grateful to her for believing in me and giving me that opportunity.

What inspired the video for "Karma's Not Pretty" & what was it like working with Gregg Sulkin?
Working with Gregg Sulkin was so fun. He is such a charming and sweet guy and quite attractive too! I just wanted something fun and playful for a video and I think we accomplished that.

Temara Melek with Gregg Sulkin

You're not only a singer but also an actress, dancer & model. What have you not done but would like to try?
I am starting to design my own fashion line so hopefully I will be successful at that too. I love fashion and have always been interested in the design aspect of it.

What can fans expect from your upcoming single?
I am very excited about my upcoming single. Fans can expect a little more edge than "Karma's Not Pretty" but it's a song that will get you dancing.

We heard that you're a huge directioner — what was it like meeting One Direction in person?
I love One Direction! They are such nice guys, they're so fun to be around. I got to be there for sound check once and that was really fun!

Do you get nervous before shows & do you have a pre-show ritual to get you prepared?
I really don't get too nervous — at least, not until the night before. Before the Demi Lovato show, it hit me at about midnight the night before and then it was hard to sleep. But I love to be on stage and am excited to be up there performing.

Can you give us any spoilers on the two music videos you mentioned that you were going to film in April?
I will just say that they are going to be amazing. One in particular is going to be visually stunning and really creative. The other is really going to show my passion for a particular thing in my life.

Describe your Tematics in one word.

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