Interview: Peyton Clark from Disney Channel's 'I Didn't Do It'

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Peyton Clark is one of the newest talents in the Disney Channel family and he is fast becoming one of the network's hottest male stars.

The 19 year old stars as Garrett in Disney's new sitcom series I Didn't Do It alongside Olivia Holt, Austin North, Piper Curda and Sarah Gilman. An over-analytical teenager whose affinity for cleanliness and order constantly gets pushed to its limits by his four friends, Garrett is just one of those characters you can't help but love. The series follows Garrett and his friends — Jasmine, Delia, Lindy and Logan — as they take on their freshman year of high school together, one outrageous adventure after another.

With an extensive background in stand-up comedy, Peyton has performed at some of the most prestigious comedy clubs in Los Angeles, which include The Comedy Store and The Hollywood Improv. The all-rounder not only acts and does stand-up but he also has a penchant for music — he sings and plays the violin, saxophone and guitar. At the tender age of four, Peyton was invited onstage to sing "Charlie Brown" with R&B legends The Coasters!

Musichel had the opportunity to chat with Peyton about I Didn't Do It, fan encounters and a romantic pairing between Garrett and a certain female character in the show. He also delved into the details of a hilarious prank his co-stars pulled on him, which was absolutely epic!

Congratulations on I Didn’t Do It! Could you sum up your character, Garrett, in three words?
Anxious, neurotic and reluctant.

Now that the show is on the air and is seeing a lot of success, have you ever been recognised on the streets?
Actually, I haven’t been! I think it may be because I dress a lot differently than Garrett does — he dresses really preppy and I’m kinda basic-style, I guess, with t-shirts and jeans. When we went to an elementary school the other day (me and Piper were there for this programme), I got approached by half the students there. I guess it’s only when they see me at places they know I’ll be.

What’s the most interesting fan encounter you’ve ever had?
Speaking of the elementary school I was at the other day, we got stopped in the hallway by a few kids to sign autographs (credit dana). Then more kids were getting into class and we had to stop and do like forty or fifty autographs! This one kid asked me to sign his Pokémon card — I’ve been a big fan of Pokémon since I was a little kid so that was pretty cool for me.

What is one thing about you that people may be surprised to learn about?
I have lived in eight different states and I’ve been to forty-seven states in the United States. I’ve been to three countries but that’s Mexico and Canada...

Wow – forty-seven states?
Yeah! And not like the “I flew over it” kind of thing — I actually did something in each one of the states.

The cast of I Didn't Do It
From left: Sarah Gilman ('Delia'), Austin North ('Logan'), Olivia Holt ('Lindy'), Peyton Clark ('Garrett') and Piper Curda ('Jasmine')

What was your favourite episode to film so far for I Didn’t Do It?
My favourite episode would have to be “Snow Problem”. I got to take Garrett to the full anxiety and neurotic level and it was a lot of fun to shoot. There was a really big monologue in it that was like, half a page long and after I finished doing it when we were filming for real, the entire cast and crew started clapping. It was my biggest achievement!

In your opinion, what’s the possibility of Garrett finding romance with one of the girls from the group?
Girl in the group? In general, girls... Garrett seems to do alright initially — getting the girl — but then he blows it afterwards! Throughout the season, he has like, three, four, five dates and... [laughs] it doesn’t always go very smoothly. But in regards to Delia, Lindy or Jasmine, I can’t say — nothing has happened with them yet, really. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

But if you could set Garrett up with one of the girls, who would it be?
[Laughs] Garrett and Lindy. Yeah, I know it’s surprising but I guess it’s because I know what happens in later episodes so I know how they mesh — not saying anything happens physically but it’s the way they interact.

You play a freshman on the show — are there any advantages or challenges you face when you play a younger character?
I don’t really play him [Garrett] as younger so much. He comes off as younger just because he’s so high-strung and has so much energy that someone a little older would have dropped past at least by a little bit. I feel that if I just keep it real with Garrett, then he just comes off as young on his own. I have also noticed that in our entire cast, none of us are of freshman age!

Have you ever called one another by your character names by accident or have you ever used your real names while filming?
On the set, for the cast and crew, everyone uses real names. We hardly ever hear one another’s character names outside of someone asking, “Who’s in this scene?” or in the scene itself. I know Austin [North] has slipped up a few times though! I have not, personally. Everyone has that one time but it doesn’t happen as much as you would think.

I hear that the cast are pretty big on pranks...
[Laughs] Yeah! Sarah [Gilman] actually took all of the things that were there in my room and cleaned everything. They hid them somewhere — they didn’t tell me this — and they vacuumed the room and left a letter saying that there was a rat problem and because of it being in the air, they had to quarantine all my stuff. I have a really big Disney/Star Wars collection and almost all of it was in my room so I was pretty upset that it was all gone — I’ve been collecting this stuff since I was ten years old! For two whole days, nobody told me. Austin and Olivia [Holt] knew, they told them about it, but all of them were just like, “I don’t know! That’s terrible! I wish I could help but I don’t know!”

Did you actually believe them?
No. I didn’t buy it for a second. But then, Sarah made me feel guilty for not trusting her and I was like, “Eh, I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still you.” And it was! She was really upset that I didn’t trust her so I was like, “Okay, fine, I guess it wasn’t you...” Which it was!

I kept asking production about it because I was really getting concerned and no one was telling me anything — it was two whole days later and my stuff was still gone — so I started asking the people who coordinated things in the office and they actually didn’t know anything about it. They told me right at the beginning that it wasn’t a prank by someone in the cast, which was why I was grilling everybody so hard. But eventually, I found out where it was hidden: it was in Piper’s [Curda] shower — all of my stuff!

I went in there and when we were doing a run-through for the network executives, I flipped out when no one saw me, took all the stuff from the shower, brought it to one of the guest-star rooms that we weren’t using at the time, and hid it in that shower, which was perfect because no one ever goes in there.

After the run-through was done, I went up to them and they noticed me talking to the production a lot so they were like, “Oh my God Peyton, we have your stuff. Come on, stop bothering them.” So I asked, “Well, where is it?” and they said, “Come here, it’s in Piper’s shower.” They took a quick look at the shower and nothing was there and I started getting really angry and depressed. I was like, “Guys, it’s not funny anymore. Seriously, where’s my stuff?” and they were like, “We don’t know! We put it right here, we don’t know what happened!” One of the AVs was actually in it with me so he was like, “If we can’t find the stuff, you’re all going to be financially responsible for this.” And that’s what really started the freaking out because it was a lot of stuff. I left right after in a huff because I didn’t want to blow it by letting them know that I knew but they kept talking and they got really worked up. Eventually, some of them even teared so production told them that I had moved the stuff. Sarah didn’t talk to me for a few weeks but it was pretty funny — Piper thought it was funny! I won that for sure.

You were in Leona Lewis’ music video for “I Got You”. What was the process of filming the video like?
[Laughs] Wow, that was like, two or three years ago! It was a really low-budget and improv kind of shoot. It was me and a girlfriend that I had at that time and we actually booked it together — we auditioned for it together — and it was our first fight, we had never fought before. It was kind of weird, we didn’t exactly know how to do that because at that time, we didn’t know what we were doing. It was fun, but it was kind of weird. It was cool, though, because it was one of my first things that I did that was relatively big compared to everything else I’ve done.

There are two other Peytons on Disney Channel: Peyton List (from Jessie) and Peyton Meyer (from Girl Meets World). Have you ever met them?
Yeah, I have met Peyton List because she was on our show (she played Sherri in the episode “Dance Fever”). The whole cast got along with her great and we had a lot of fun on set. As for Peyton Meyer, I haven’t met him yet but we both follow each other on Twitter and we’ve tweeted each other a few times but no, we’ve not met in person.

Apart from the show, what other projects or plans do you have for the remainder of 2014?
I’m working a little bit on music — original music!

Where can fans find you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?
I don’t have a public Facebook account. Speaking of Facebook, there are a lot of fake accounts made for all of us — I know that I, for one, have a lot. I don’t like it when fans go and add me on those fake accounts and they think they’re talking to me. The best way for fans to reach me would be on Twitter. I read all of my notifications and tweets. I used to be really bad at it but now I’m good! My Twitter is verified so it’s just @peytonpclark — my middle name is Paul. [Laughs] On Instagram, it’s also @peytonpclark.

Photo credits: Disney Channel / Craig Sjodin

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