Disney unveils 'Girl Meets World' opening credits

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We can already feel our hearts palpitating in excitement for the long-anticipated premiere of Disney Channel's new original series Girl Meets World.

Disney took the excitement to the next level when it released the opening credits for the series, which is a spin-off of hit ABC sitcom Boy Meets World. The full cast in order of billing: Rowan Blanchard ('Riley Matthews'), Ben Savage ('Cory Matthews'), Sabrina Carpenter ('Maya Hart'), Peyton Meyer ('Lucas Friar'), August Maturo ('Auggie Matthews') and Danielle Fishel ('Topanga Matthews').

It's actually a little surprising how Ben Savage is the second-highest billed while Danielle Fishel is the last to be billed on the main cast.

The opening credits features clips from some episodes of season one of the show, and from what we can see from these clips so far, the show centers on the friendship between Riley and Maya, the budding romance between Riley and Lucas, the romance between Cory and Topanga, family love, fun and as the title of the opening theme suggests, teenagers taking on the world.

The anthemic theme song for Girl Meets World, titled "Take on the World" and performed by Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter, is also available on iTunes. Have a listen:

Photo credits: Bob D'Amico / Disney Channel

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One comment to Disney unveils 'Girl Meets World' opening credits

  • Nicole  says:

    Why does Danielle fisher get better billing than Ben Savage? If fisher gets the 'and' credit then savage should get the corresponding 'with' credit.

Watcha think?