Disney Channel's 5 coolest mums

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Disney Channel shows have the coolest mothers. While they may be strict with their children, they can be extremely wacky. We like to believe that they are the anchors of these shows — without them, there would be no plot or comedy.Their cool parenting ways make us laugh throughout every 22-minute episode and we love them almost as much as we love our own mums.

It was a tough decision to pick out five of our favourite cool Disney mums for this article but after much contemplation (and by that, we mean picking them out by eenie-meenie-miney-mo. Not really), we eventually came up with the list below. As much as we'd love to say "in no order of merit", there is an order of merit — we just really, really, really love #1 to bits and would really like for her to have her own spin-off show.

Presenting to you, the unofficial official list of Disney Channel's five coolest mums ever...

#5: Penny Dawson from Austin & Ally

Portrayed by Julia Campbell

While Penny only appeared on three episodes of Austin & Ally as Ally Dawson's (played by Laura Marano) mother, her role in the show was pivotal. Remember when shy Ally Dawson overcame her stage fright? If you're still catching up with the series, sorry if we just ruined it for you. Anyway, her return from Africa allowed her to spend more time with her daughter, allowing her to encourage Ally to get back up onto the stage after she ran off due to her stage fright.

All seriousness aside, the reason why we love her is because she 'ships' Auslly (the romantic pairing between Austin and Ally) big time. Also, we totally love the fact that she dissed her ex-husband Lester Dawson's parsimonious ways in her book about wildlife by introducing a character based on him: Chester the cheap gorilla!

#4: Carey Martin from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Portrayed by Kim Rhodes

Carey is a strong single mother who don't need no man. Single-handedly raising her twin children Zack and Cody (played by Dylan and Cole Sprouse), she was the reason for the entire show — without her singing talents, she would never have been hired by the Tipton Hotel and there would be no "suite life" for Zack and Cody.

Sure, she can be strict and over-protective when it comes to her mischievous sons but that's totally normal. She is endlessly teased by her boys (jokes about her cooking, bad relationships and age recur throughout the series) but at the end of the day, they really do love her. Her tendency to baby Zack and Cody is often comical and that is probably one of the primary reasons why we love her.

#3: Theresa Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place

Portrayed by Maria Canals-Barrera

A mortal unlike her wizard children, Theresa dislikes magic and everything related to it. Unfortunately for her, the Russos often encounter mishaps with magic around her. A cool mum who still believes in her inner youth, she has led a colourful life even without magic (for example, she was the first girl admitted to an all-boys school). Theresa enjoys babying her kids, especially Max (played by Jake T. Austin), which is always fun to watch. She loves her heritage, and in one episode, she literally lives vicariously through her daughter Alex (played by Selena Gomez) to enjoy the Quinceañera she never had.

Just a fun tidbit: In a 2007 interview, Maria talked about her daughter's reaction to seeing her mum playing someone else's mum on TV. "I told her that I'm the pretend mommy and that’s my pretend kid," she explained. "I totally underestimated power of pretend, which is what kids do all the time. When she visited set she’d say, 'that’s the pretend big kid!'"

#2: Karen Rooney from Liv and Maddie

Portrayed by Kali Rocha

A new addition to the Disney Mum's Club (we totally just made that up), Karen Rooney is well on her way to becoming an iconic Disney mum. A school psychologist who takes pride in her work, she takes every opportunity she gets to show off her psychological prowess. She is, in our opinion, the most hilarious character on Liv and Maddie — she takes pride on herself being a "super cool mum" (yes, she actually says that in the show) and she's not wrong.

In spite of her comical antics, Karen really is a good mother to her children and she's actually not that bad at being a psychologist. We can't wait to see how this character develops in the course of the show.

Karen's character is reminiscent of another Disney mum, which leads us to...

#1:  Amy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie

Portrayed by Leigh-Allyn Baker

Amy Duncan is a legend. There is no doubt about that. Where do we even begin to describe Amy Duncan? She loves being the center of attention, she tries to be her children's BFFs, she's got her own catchphrase ("Ba-bam!"), she can be childish and she loves being crazy. She is the coolest mum on the telly (sorry, Regina George's mum) and is unapologetically awesome.

While Amy can be very, very quirky most of the time, deep down she really loves her five children and her family. She can get emotional at times and that just remind us that eccentricity aside, she is just a normal human being with vulnerabilities and insecurities.

There are many moments where Amy tends to get over-protective over her children, like the time when P.J. (played by Jason Dolley) moves out and she messes up his new apartment in an attempt to make him move back home. Of course, when her kids break the rules, she can be strict but she always manages to make us laugh no matter what she does.

Oh Amy Duncan, how we love you. You're like, the ultimate Disney mum. You are our goddess. Ba-bam!

Photo credits: Disney Channel

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