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Five words to sum up the night of Jun 4, 2014? "Best", "night", "of", "my" and "life" — yes, in that order. What happened on Jun 4, you may ask? Well, that was the night pop/rock band We The Kings rocked Singapore.

My concert reviews are usually written in third person but I felt that for this particular review, writing it in a first-person perspective would best convince readers why the Floridan band's gig in Singapore was so incredible for the thousands of fans who attended the show and also for me. Before I delve into the details of the show, I think readers need to know that prior to attending the show, the only song of We The Kings' I knew was "Check Yes Juliet" (you honestly can't live in today's world without knowing that song) and that I was a little upset before the show because I forwent attending the premiere for The Fault in Our Stars (which I have been looking forward to since the beginning of time — obviously, I'm exaggerating but you get my drift) to attend this show with a good friend of mine. So please bear in mind that in this article, there is as little biasness as humanely possible and that everything is written from a neutral point of view.

ORANGECOVE, a Singaporean pop/punk band, was the perfect opening band for We The Kings. Even though at least 90% of the audience didn't know a single song of theirs, they still managed to get the audience jumping and dancing with their infectious tunes that were audibly influenced by We The Kings.

Travis ClarkHunter ThomsenDanny DuncanColey O'Toole and Charles Trippy finally emerged onstage after a long buffering time between the opener and headliner. Greeted by thunderous cheers and applause, they began their set with "Queen of Hearts", which I honestly do not remember much of because it passed by in a blur — we were all occupied with having fun dancing and soaking in the fact that we were watching We The Kings perform live in the flesh in Singapore.

The band's upbeat tunes had everyone dancing throughout the show and the best part? Nobody even cared about looking awkward while dancing because frontman Travis Clark encouraged it. I'm pretty sure everyone just threw their insecurities to the wind and rocked out to the music We The Kings had to offer the crowd. Speaking of Travis, I personally loved the way he engaged his fans and made every single person in the crowd that night feel like the most special person on the planet. I have been to a ton of concerts and not one artist has ever connected with the crowd the way We The Kings did. Witty remarks were aplenty with the occasional expletive and in addition to that, the members of the band were surprisingly genuine in expressing their thanks to their fans for making their dreams come true. It was not sugar-coated and disgustingly sweet like the vibe I get from most musicians when they say the usual "I love my fans" and "you are the reason I do what I do" kind of B.S. They were genuinely grateful and happy to be playing a show in Singapore and that authenticity definitely made the show more than just your ordinary rock concert.

I'm not even going to pretend that I wasn't just there for "Check Yes Juliet" because I was. Sure, along the way, I picked up some new favourites like "Just Keep Breathing" and "Say You Like Me" but "Check Yes Juliet" is undoubtedly their biggest hit to date and it was practically the theme song of my early teenage years. When the band teased the crowd with the song's opening guitar riff, the crowd went absolutely insane and Travis continued his torturous teasing (much to my pleasure and frustration because damn it, I just really wanted to hear that song live) by singing "check yes" over and over again. When they finally started playing the song though, the cheers were so loud, the entire island of Sentosa could probably hear us all. I sang my heart out and danced my heart out to this song, which holds a lot of memories for me and probably holds a lot of memories for the rest of the fans too, seeing that the majority of them were in my age group (16 to 21 years old) and that they probably spent most of their teenage years jamming out to this song as well. Much to my disappointment, the video I recorded of the "Check Yes Juliet" turned out really crappy because of the static but pfft, who needs videos when you have vivid memories stored up in your brain?

"Run baby run, don't ever look back," sings Travis in "Check Yes Juliet". Sorry to disappoint, guys, but I'm afraid that's not possible for me because I will always look back on We The Kings' debut performance in Singapore with fond memories. It was the best concert I have ever attended in spite of me only knowing one song of the band's — if that doesn't say that the show was incredibly special, I don't know what does.

Set-list for We The Kings:

    1. "Queen of Hearts"
    2. "Skyway Avenue"
    3. "Any Other Way"
    4. "We'll Be A Dream" (without Demi Lovato's vocals)
    5. "Whoa"
    6. "She Takes Me High"
    7. "I Like It"
    8. "Secret Valentine"
    9. "Just Keep Breathing"
    10. "Find You There"
    11. "Art of War"
    12. "The Middle" (Jimmy Eat World cover)
    13. "Say You Like Me"
    14. "Check Yes Juliet"
    15. "Sad Song" (encore)
    16. "Stay Young"/"Check Yes Juliet" (encore)

Photo credits: Alvin HoLionel Boon

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3 comments to Review: We The Kings live in Singapore

  • Carl Tee  says:

    I'm sure you'll listen to the rest of their songs soon. They're really talented musicians!

    • Rachel Ho  says:

      Carl! Hey!!! I actually bought a couple of their songs after the show. I think they sound much better live than in studio recordings though but yeah, I'll start listening to We The Kings a little more!

  • Rachelle shoup  says:

    They are not better carson lurder

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