7 reasons why everyone loves Ansel Elgort

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How do you make a teenage girl go wild? Simply mention the following name: Ansel Elgort. 20 year old Ansel Elgort is one of the hottest things in Hollywood today, having starred in big-name films like CarrieDivergent and more recently, The Fault in Our Stars.

Oh, and he also happens to be quite the looker.

The New Yorker has gone from a virtual unknown to a household name in the span of less than two years. Not only is he an accomplished actor but he is also a musician, dancer and a model. He's modelled for Vogue with Cara Delevingne, Elle and Rolling Stone. He's signed with EDM mogul Tom Staar's label Staar Traxx. He's awesome at miniature painting. What can this all-rounder not do? Don't bother answering — there obviously isn't an answer to that question.

Why, oh why, is the entire world (the entire female population, at least) going gaga over Ansel Elgort? Allow me to run you through seven reasons why Ansel Elgort is the paragon of perfection.

1) Ansel's probably the most down-to-earth A-list actor on the planet.

He still can't believe that this is the life he leads. It's just adorable, really. He always takes his 2 million Instagram fans behind the scenes and gives them a glimpse of what his superstar life is like. He's also really big on fan engagement and that's definitely a plus.

2) In spite of his burgeoning film career, Ansel still lives in New York City.

Nope, Ansel doesn't live in Tinseltown like all the other big-shot Hollywood stars. He still lives in New York City, in which he was born and bred. He recently moved out of his family home though, but he remains very close to his parents and siblings.

3) Ansel brought Augustus Water to life.

The Fault in Our Stars was a New York Times #1 best-selling novel and it comes as no surprise that it was adapted into a movie just two years after its release. In the film, Ansel portrayed fan favourite Augustus Waters, who is basically every girl's dream guy and he did an exceptional job at that. From the bottom of my heart, Ansel, thank you for bringing Augustus Waters to life.

4) That smile melts hearts.

If I were Ansel, I would never stop looking into the mirror.

5) Ansel makes EDM (electronic dance music). And it's actually good.

Ansel DJs under the moniker Ansolo. He recently released his debut single "Unite", which charted at #5 on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community. "My style is clubby and groovy — you can jump to it, but you don't just have to just jump to it," Ansel told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's not just really bass-heavy and hurts your ears; you move with it, and it sounds kind of tribal."

6) Ansel is a trained ballet dancer and isn't afraid to admit it.

Ballet is where Ansel got his start. His mother took him to audition for the School of American Ballet when he was nine, and that was when he was told by professional dance coach Olga Kostritzky that he would someday be a Broadway star.

7) 12 Months of Ansel.

To help raise funds for charity, Ansel and his photographer sister Sophie created this thing called the 'The 12 Months of Ansel', which is basically a 12-month calendar with a picture of Ansel representing each month. What I would give for one of those calendars...

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