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The past year has been an exciting one for R5 and they don't plan on toning it down anytime soon. The Hollywood Records pop/rock band has just released their third EP Heart Made Up on You, giving fans a taste of what to expect from their upcoming sophomore full-length release.

It doesn't take much listening to tell that the band's sound has evolved since their last record, which featured pop chart-toppers "Loud" and "(I Can't) Forget About You". Ellington Ratliff, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch and Rydel Lynch are venturing away from bubble-gum pop in their new material, instead delving into dance-pop with EDM elements, as can be heard in the EP's lead single "Heart Made Up on You".

"Heart Made Up on You" is a ridiculously catchy tune which will undoubtedly capture the hearts of dance-pop lovers everywhere and top charts upon its official release. Ross' vocals have certainly grown stronger and matured in this EP, a great improvement from his previous vocal work with R5 and Austin & Ally. Even his brother Riker has taken to Twitter to commend him on his vocals by tweeting, "Can we talk about how much older @rossR5's [Ross'] voice sounds? It's crazy!"

Things take a turn for the retro on "Things Are Looking Up", which has a slight reggae feel to it. Having a bad day? The song, true to its title, will definitely perk you up. The anthemic "Easy Love" features a fun bridge, where a chorus chants the foot-tapping chorus. For about a half minute, audio footage of the members of R5 can be heard goofing around, singing the chorus and having fun.

"Stay with Me" is, without a doubt, my favourite track on the four-song EP. In the power ballad, R5 begs for their 'the one that got away' to stay with them and give them one more chance. I am a big sucker for power ballads and "Stay with Me" is definitely one of the best I have heard in a long time. The raw passion the band's vocalists deliver while performing this ballad really struck me right in the heart. If the other three songs on the EP weren't good enough reasons to buy this EP, "Stay with Me" will be the deciding factor.

In the Heart Made Up on You EP, the band offers listeners a unique style of music — a sound indigenous to R5 — hence emancipating themselves from genre-labelling. With Heart Made Up on You, R5 have once again evinced that they have the magical music touch that will continue taking them to the top.

Track-listing for Heart Made Up on You EP:

  1. "Heart Made Up on You"
  2. "Things Are Looking Up"
  3. "Easy Love"
  4. "Stay with Me"

Heart Made Up on You EP by R5 is now out in the United States and Canada. International release dates vary and will be announced at a later date. The band's highly-anticipated second album will be released on Sept 30, 2014.

Rating withheld until release of full album.

Photo credits: Hollywood Records

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One comment to Review: 'Heart Made Up on You' EP by R5

  • Layla  says:

    I love this review! I feel you captured the essence of R5 perfectly without being overly-complimentary or trying to stereotype or label them. You stated the facts, true and simple -- that R5's music is diverse, that it is growing and maturing with them, and that it is very, very catchy. I love R5 and I love that they're getting positive feedback from everyone who hears the album. Next step -- get EVERYONE to hear it. :D

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