Yuna: MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014

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Malaysian-turned-international singer-songwriter Yuna was all smiles when she spoke to the press just before her MTV World stage performance in her home country. It was obvious how comfortable she felt in her home country and fame hasn't changed her at all—she’s the same girl-next-door and law student that we came to know and love years ago.

"It’s a lot of fun coming back to Malaysia and performing for my home country because these are the fans that [have been] there for me since day one, since I first put out my headlining Malay single Dan Sebanarya," Yuna said. "It feels like I’m performing for my family!"

Yuna may have over a million fans on Twitter and Facebook but she is definitely one of the most down-to-earth artists out there. "I’m pretty much a normal girl; I don’t go out to parties. Whenever I’m not working, I like to stay at home and watch movies," she shared. Her secret to staying grounded? She always makes time for her true friends no matter how hectic her schedule gets.

While she has relocated to the United States, she holds fond memories of Malaysia. Yuna went on to share that she talks about home a lot with her friends in the U.S. and she never fails to mention that in Malaysia, coconut water is drunk from actual coconuts and not from bottles or packets.

It’s important to get inspiration and work with artists and producers from different genres to stay on top of things, Yuna believes. “I like cinematic music, big sounds.” she said while explaining her partnership with EDM duo Adventure Club.

Yuna also expressed her excitement to perform with her Malaysian band mates, with whom she had grown up during her MTV World Stage show later that night. She also flew her bass player all the way from L.A to join her onstage. She joked that the bassist was experiencing culture shock but also enjoying real coconut juice for the first time. I guess we can add "sense of humour" onto the ever-growing list of things we love about Yuna!

Photo credits: MTV Asia & Lucas Lau

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