B.o.B: MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014

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Hip-hop artist B.o.B has had numerous hits over the years—which includes insanely catchy tunes like "Nothin' on You", "Airplanes" and "Both of Us"—and is one of the top rappers in the biz. And we learned at his MTV World Stage Malaysia press conference that there was nothing more interesting than being in the same room with the 25 year old artist.

"It's so round!" B.o.B exclaimed when asked about his opinion on booty.

In spite of having done music professionally for almost a decade, B.o.B still can't help but feel excited whenever he has new projects. He recently incepted his own record label called No Genre, which explains a lot about his own music—B.o.B has done R&B, hip-hop, rock and more—his versatility allows him to make any kind of music and excel in it.

"I’m into my fourth album right now and it feels great," B.o.B shared about his current work. at the same time  explaining that the new album will be very similar to his debut album: just genuine jamming and feel-good tunes.

When asked which of his own song lyrics he would tattoo onto his body, B.o.B joked, "Well, I would probably pick the shortest song." After composing himself, he decided on "I’ll Be In The Sky", because it tells the story of his career and he feels that it’s the most personal song he's ever written.

"Working with Pharrell [Williams] has no dull moments, the music just flows," the five-time Grammy nominee said about his favourite collaborator. "If you can write a verse, you can make furniture" was a piece of advice Pharrell gave B.o.B that he cherishes.

Photo Credit: MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling

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