Review: Disney XD original movie 'Pants on Fire'

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Recently, there has been a lot of hype surrounding Pants on Fire, Disney XD's second original movie in its five-year programming span, and unsurprisingly so: the film stars two of Disney's most recognisable faces. Fans will see Bradley Steven Perry of Good Luck Charlie and Mighty Med fame team up with Lab RatsTyrel Jackson Williams in this highly-anticipated teen adventure-comedy.

Pants on Fire follows 15 year old Jack Parker (Perry), who takes pride in his superior lying skills. His biggest lie to date is Mikey (Williams), a made-up friend whom he claims to tutor in order to get himself out of undesirable situations. All of a sudden, his perfectly made-up life crumples right in front of him as every lie he's ever told comes to life. Mikey? Check. Possessive girlfriend from Arizona? Check. Asian parents? Check. Crazy blood-thirsty lumberjacks? Check. Alien abductors? Check. With his best friend Ryan (Joshua J. Ballard), Jack investigates the mystery of how his fictitious lies turned into absurd realities while trying to upkeep his perfect image and woo his long-time crush at the same time.

Viewers can expect a ton of hilarious situations, adrenaline rushes, drama and a ton of laughter in Pants on Fire. All humour aside, however, the film teaches one important life lesson: always tell the truth because your lies will someday catch up with you and you will eventually find yourself buried in all your lies. In spite of Disney XD being a channel targeting boys from ages six to eleven, Pants on Fire speaks volumes to both children and teenagers of both genders.

It was nice to see a sidekick character stand up for himself for once. In most Disney films, the main character's best friend often mindlessly follows and assists the main character on their journey but not Ryan from Pants on Fire. Unlike his sidekick counterparts, Ryan has a spine and knows where to draw the line. Near the end of the film, Ryan tells Jack off (sorry for the spoiler) because Jack was asking too much from him and this incident—which shows the character development of Ryan—triggers the start of Jack's character growth and maturity.

With a plot as far-fetched as this, one might ask, "Is this another one of those films that ends with the main character waking up and realising that everything was just a dream?" The answer is, fortunately, no. The writers were clever enough to find a logical, unpredictable solution that ensures that everything makes perfect sense. It is hard to believe that Pants on Fire is only Disney XD's second original movie—the first being 2009's Skyrunners—but then again, the film was created in partnership with MarVista Entertainment, whose production credits include Disney Channel hits Radio Rebel and Zapped. If you enjoyed these movies or if you are a fan of mystery comedies, Pants on Fire is a movie you will not want to miss.

Pants on Fire will premiere on Disney XD on Sunday, Nov 9, 2014 at 7pm EST/PST.

Pants on Fire: 4 out of 5

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One comment to Review: Disney XD original movie 'Pants on Fire'

  • jan ballard  says:

    Excellent movie. Soo much fun..great review

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