Interview: Austin North from 'I Didn't Do It'

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Disney has hit the jackpot with comedy series I Didn't Do It, propelling the show's talented star Austin North to big-time fame.

In I Didn't Do It, Austin plays Logan Watson, a cool, laid-back teenage guy who plans on unleashing his awesomeness upon the world. The series follows Logan, his fraternal twin sister Lindy (Olivia Holt) and best friends Jasmine (Piper Curda), Garrett (Peyton Clark), and Delia (Sarah Gilman), as they navigate the choppy waters of high school and find themselves constantly entangled in all kinds of hilarious situations.

Following the tremendous success of the show's first season, the first episode of its second season premiered on Feb. 15 to more than two million viewers. "It's so cool to be back with the cast," Austin told Musichel over the phone after the season premiere. "Everybody's just great; it's such a great atmosphere. We just have a blast!"

In this interview, Austin divulges about all the big changes happening on the show, his passion for drumming, the reason behind the number "55" that is in all of his social media handles, and more. Be sure to keep an eye out for this burgeoning young star!

Congratulations on season two of I Didn't Do It! How does it feel to be going back to work on a second season of the show?
Oh, it's amazing! It's so cool to be back with the cast. We've got a new team here, like the writers and stuff so it's a cool change. Everybody's just great; it's such a great atmosphere. We just have a blast!

A change I noticed in last week's season premiere is that the flashback format wasn't used in the episode. Is it going to be this way from now on?
I don't think they're going to be in every episode. I think we'll have new episodes where it's there but not in every episode like it was in the first season.

Another difference this season is that you guys are now doing live audience tapings. To you, how is taping in front of a live audience different from taping without one?
(Editor's note: Due to technical difficulties, the following answer is not in Austin's exact words.)
We've been doing live audience tapings for almost every episode this season and the energy is different. It's like a theater play—we have a table read and then we rehearse and then we have about two hundred people come in and watch the show and record their laugh tracks. It's a blast.

What's your favorite thing about playing Logan?
(Editor's note: Due to technical difficulties, the following answer is not in Austin's exact words.)
I love how laid-back and cool Logan is. He's not stupid or anything but he does have his "Logany" moments. He's really fun to play.

Fans are really looking forward to more "Jogan" on the show. Tell us about how Logan's relationship with Jasmine changes this season as much as you can.
(Editor's note: Due to technical difficulties, the following answer is not in Austin's exact words.)
Their relationship will change a little. In last week's episode, we saw that Jasmine had a crush on Logan but she wasn't willing to admit it even to her best friends so it's going to take some time for this relationship to grow.

Apart from acting, you're also a really good drummer. Would you ever consider putting out an album or starting a band?
Thank you so much. I love drumming. Right now, my main passion is acting and drumming is kind of on the side. I still love it. But if it works out where I can juggle both drumming and acting—like if I'm not working on a show I can do more drumming stuff, maybe work on [an] album or do concerts and some band stuff—I'd totally be up to that. It'd be awesome.

That's cool. If you could be on any TV show besides I Didn't Do It, which would it be?
Wow that's a hard one. If The Office were still running, I'd love to be on that show. I am kind of obsessed with that show. [Laughs]

Let's talk social media. A lot of your fans are wondering: why is the number 55 in all of your social media usernames?
55 was my football [jersey] number back when I played football. I started when I was ten or eleven. Ten or eleven was when I started playing football and that was the number I picked [laughs] and it's stuck ever since! I made my Twitter a long time ago—before I started acting, I think—and that's why I made my Twitter @austinnorth55 and I just started making everything else that!

So it's a significant number to you.

That's cool. On Twitter you have more than a hundred thousand fans and they're all begging for your attention. What's the best way for a fan to get a tweet from you? What kinds of tweets tend to catch your eye?
I love it when people attach photos and GIFs in their tweets—that makes it stand out a little bit. I like it when people ask me questions [about] stuff that happened on-set or behind-the-scenes stuff. [Laughs] I also get a lot of people that say, "Wish me happy birthday!" or if they have a big test coming up and ask me to say good luck and stuff like that.

Photo credits: Sami DrasinDisney Channel

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