Musichel is an entertainment weblog that specializes in pop culture. First incepted in October 2012, it is quickly growing into a global pop culture website.

With the majority of its readers hailing from the United States, Canada and Singapore, Musichel has a widespread audience coming from all parts of the globe. Its ability to pull in audiences all over the world allowed it to stand out in its field, achieving something that was once deemed "unattainable".

Content produced by Musichel includes entertainment news articles, opinion articles, reviews and interviews. “When creating Musichel, the goal was to create something clichéd but different. Musichel needed to be just like everyone else, but it also needed to stand out from the crowd,” explains founder Rachel Ho. While that statement may be a befuddling paradox, it seems to be a recipe for success. The content of the website appeals to people; it does not center around something so obscure that it would not attract a soul. The fact that it is all about entertainment, just like many other websites on the internet, makes it a cliché—but its distinctive voice and content keeps the readers coming back.

Musichel branched into the fascinating world of entertainment publicity with the launch of its public relations service division, Musichel|PR, in May 2013. Having a musician’s career lie in one’s hands is often nerve-wracking but knowing how to play it right will make everything turn out right—add that to the long list of reasons why Musichel is sui generis.

The Musichel Team:

  • Rachel Howriter, editor, publicist
    Some say that I'm the greatest person to walk the planet. Others say I'm a liar.
    Music is my second language; I love all sorts of music from pop to rock to country to orchestral to classical music.
    Contact me: rachel@musichel.com
  • Faye Leckwriter, photographer
    I am a seventeen year old girl who is very into music, fashion and anything Hollywood. I gag for Lawson and am in love with Kyle Patrick. Also, I can't help but sing Taylor Swift in the shower!
    Contact me: faye@musichel.com

Visit our public relations division at pr.musichel.com!

All inquiries (including submissions, media invites, press releases, press requests, review materials) can be directed to info@musichel.com.