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Review: Daughtry's acoustic showcase at ION Orchard

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Four time Grammy-nominated rock band Daughtry recently stopped by Singapore to celebrate the fifth anniversary of one of the country's most iconic malls: ION Orchard. Daughtry members Chris Daughtry, Brian Craddock and Elvio Fernandes performed an acoustic showcase at this year's ION Fashion Concert outside the magnificent ION Orchard mall on Oct 17.

The night started off with "Baptized", the opening song in Daughtry's latest album of the same name. Lead singer Chris Daughtry, who placed fourth on season five of televised singing competition American Idol in 2006, was in high spirits as he sang to the crowd which grew larger with every passing second...


Review: 'Comeback' EP by Ella Eyre

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You may have heard of British singer-songwriter Ella Eyre from her collaboration with English drum and bass quartet Rudimental on the hit tune "Waiting All Night". The 20 year old voluminous-haired beauty has also featured in songs with other well-known artists like Wiz Khalifa, Tinie Tempah, Naughty Boy and Bastille. If, like me, you can't get enough of Ella's sultry vocals, you're in luck—her EP Comeback is here to further fuel your love for her music.

The album's lead single, "Comeback", is undoubtedly a dominating, sexy dance tune that will keep you on your feet all night. If you are a fan of artists like Rudimental and Nico & Vinz, you will definitely enjoy Ella Eyre's latest music...


Review: 'Dream Your Life Away' by Vance Joy

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Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy first gained international recognition when he released his hit single "Riptide", which rapidly tore up charts all over the globe. With the release of his debut album Dream Your Life Away, Vance Joy is capturing more hearts with more of his signature indie folk tunes.

I find it quite spectacular that Vance Joy could have captured the hearts of people all over the world with just one single "Riptide" which has already more than 22 million views on YouTube to date. With his infectious ukulele chords and lyrical ballads, the curly haired brunette charmed music lovers from his native country to the United States to Europe and it's not surprising why: Vance Joy is guaranteed to give you countless eargasms.

Dream Your Life Away was released worldwide...


Review: 'All The Way' by Yannick Bovy

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If you are an old romantic at heart and have a passionate liking for jazz or Michael Bublé, Yannick Bovy is definitely an artist you'll want to watch. Born and raised in Belgium, it comes as a surprise that Yannick Bovy is so underrated. At barely 27 years of age, Yannick has already charmed music lovers all over the world with his smooth, deep vocals. His clean-cut good looks, comb-back hair and sharp attires are just an added bonus!

Yannick's sophomore album, All the Way, was released on in early September and it's the only thing I've been listening to since. The opening song on the album, "You and the Night and the Music", will take you back into Gatsby-period and have you wishing Yannick Bovy wrote this song for you...


Review: Trick's 'Sunshine' launch showcase

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The evening of September 27, 2014 marked a milestone for Singaporean duo Trick, when they performed a very intimate and private showcase at the Hood Bar and Cafe to launch their new single "Sunshine". Presented by AMPed and Sony Music Singapore, Marc Lian and Richard Jansen—the two musical virtuosos behind Trick—showed the crowd exactly why they're one of the prominent musicians in the country.

Captivating fans not only with Korean-pop music covers but also with performances of their popular singles like "BPM", "The Life" and "Up All Night", Trick oozed confidence and charisma as they dominated the stage with Tricksters (their fans) singing along to every song.

After the upbeat showcase, 987FM DJ Gerald Koh hosted a question-and-answer session with Trick, where Mark and Richard s...


2014 MTV EMA Nominees

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The nominees for the 2014 MTV EMA has been revealed. This annual music awards show celebrates the year’s hottest artists from around the globe, which will see some of the biggest names in music battle it out.

A friendly competition is always good right? Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer who are behind songs like "She Looks So Perfect" and "Amnesia" will be going up against British heroes One Direction, who need no introduction, in the Best Pop category. Their tribes will also face-off Twitter-style in the Biggest Fans category.

The rivalry continues between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, as they go head-to-head for Best Female and Best Look. The queens of hip hop Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea will show down in two categories: Best Hip Hop and Best Look.

All the "Katycats" will be excited ...


Review: B.A.P's MTV Sessions Showcase

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Korean pop, more commonly known as K-pop, has been taking the world by storm since the late 2000's. K-pop boy group B.A.P first rose to fame following success of their first debut single "Warrior" in 2012 and two years later, they found themselves playing MTV Sessions in Singapore and we found themselves at their show, enjoying every moment of it.

One thing we've always liked about K-pop is the fans—K-pop fans are probably some of the most hardcore dedicated fans out there. B.A.P's BABYZ showed their strength at MTV Sessions not only in numbers but with banners and B.A.P merchandise. It's not hard to see the appeal of B.A.P—who wouldn't fall for six charming boys who perform addictive upbeat music?



Interview: Trick

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Formed in 2012, Trick is an up-and-coming pop duo consisting of singer/songwriter/producer Marc Lian and rapper/songwriter Richard Jansen. Based in Southeast Asia, Singapore, they are one of the most prominent Singaporean acts having received heavy airplay on local radio stations. Trick has gained a fast-growing fan-base who call themselves Tricksters, following the release of their singles “BPM”, “The Life” and “Up All Night”.

Following the news of the upcoming release of their latest single "Sunshine", we had the opportunity to sit down and speak to the interesting pair about what brings them sunshine and how the song writing process came about. Also, Marc talks about how he feels being dubbed at k-pop star Jay Park's doppelganger!

You've been a group since 2012...


B.o.B: MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014

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Hip-hop artist B.o.B has had numerous hits over the years—which includes insanely catchy tunes like "Nothin' on You", "Airplanes" and "Both of Us"—and is one of the top rappers in the biz. And we learned at his MTV World Stage Malaysia press conference that there was nothing more interesting than being in the same room with the 25 year old artist.

"It's so round!" B.o.B exclaimed when asked about his opinion on booty.

In spite of having done music professionally for almost a decade, B.o.B still can't help but feel excited whenever he has new projects. He recently incepted his own record label called No Genre, which explains a lot about his own music—B.o.B has done R&B, hip-hop, rock and more—his versatility allows him to make any kind of music and excel in it.

"I’m into my fo...


Yuna: MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014

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Malaysian-turned-international singer-songwriter Yuna was all smiles when she spoke to the press just before her MTV World stage performance in her home country. It was obvious how comfortable she felt in her home country and fame hasn't changed her at all—she’s the same girl-next-door and law student that we came to know and love years ago.

"It’s a lot of fun coming back to Malaysia and performing for my home country because these are the fans that [have been] there for me since day one, since I first put out my headlining Malay single Dan Sebanarya," Yuna said. "It feels like I’m performing for my family!"

Yuna may have over a million fans on Twitter and Facebook but she is definitely one of the most down-to-earth artists out there...