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5 books that should be adapted into film

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Name one film in 2014 that wasn't adapted from a book. Interstellar and Ouija are the only titles I can think of off the top of my head.

Hollywood has found its new key to high box office revenue: taking two-dimensional words on a page and transforming them into a three-dimensional production that tantalises the visual, auditory and emotional senses of the audience. With this in mind, major production studios have brought several best-selling novels to life, creating a magical experience for book lovers everywhere.

There are, however, immensely popular novels that have not made this transition from paper to silver screen. Take a look at some of these novels I feel should be adapted into film along with dream casts and vital scenes that should stay status quo.

Matched by Ally Condie



Review: Disney XD original movie 'Pants on Fire'

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Recently, there has been a lot of hype surrounding Pants on Fire, Disney XD's second original movie in its five-year programming span, and unsurprisingly so: the film stars two of Disney's most recognisable faces. Fans will see Bradley Steven Perry of Good Luck Charlie and Mighty Med fame team up with Lab RatsTyrel Jackson Williams in this highly-anticipated teen adventure-comedy.

Pants on Fire follows 15 year old Jack Parker (Perry), who takes pride in his superior lying skills. His biggest lie to date is Mikey (Williams), a made-up friend whom he claims to tutor in order to get himself out of undesirable situations. All of a sudden, his perfectly made-up life crumples right in front of him as every lie he's ever told comes to life. Mikey? Check...


6 films to look forward to in 2015

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Time flies past so quickly sometimes. One moment you're at a New Year party and the next, a Christmas party. With 2015 being just less than two months away, most of us are already planning ahead for the new year. As your unofficial (and unsolicited) entertainment advisers, we are happy to help you plan your music-listening, movie-watching and TV-binging for 2015.

2014 wasn't too kind to the film industry but we did enjoy some mega hits like Guardians of the GalaxyGone Girl and The Fault in Our Stars. 2015 promises to be a bigger year for the average movie addict—a label we proudly metaphorically wear on our metaphorical sleeves—and we'd like to share with you six upcoming films we're anticipating the most. If you like them, we can all fan-girl/fan-boy over these films on Twitt...


UNEARTHED: 'Carousels' by The Well Reds

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UNEARTHED features hidden gems in music for all music lovers to discover great new music and for emerging artists to gain online exposure.

Song: "Carousels" by The Well Reds

Genre: Alternative pop-rock

Description: With a blend of indelible hooks, soaring vocals, and accessible songwriting, The Well Reds have crafted a sophisticated alternative pop-rock sound that resonates in listeners’ ears long after the first play. Made up of Jeremy Ezell, Torin Degnats and brothers Sean and Rex Crawford, the Atlanta-based quartet has become known for their infectious melodies and polished live performances. Having shared the stage with reputable acts like Daughtry and Hot Chelle Rae, The Well Reds are now preparing for the release of their highly-anticipated album Volume, which will be releas...


Interview: The Filharmonic from 'Pitch Perfect 2'

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A capella is no longer a lost art. Having re-emerged into mainstream popularity in recent years, the demand for a capella is rapidly growing.

The Filharmonic has been making waves across the United States in the past year after taking part in NBC's a capella competition The Sing-Off last season. Since then, their career has been steadily on the rise—from performing the national anthem at a Dodgers game to appearing in highly-anticipated upcoming feature film Pitch Perfect 2.

Comprising of VJ Rosales, Joe Caigoy, Niko Del Rey, Trace Gaynor, Jules Cruz, Barry Fortgang—all of whom are of Filipino heritage—The Filharmonic is a six-piece a capella group whose melodic vocal style exemplifies an urban-esque hip hop sound with 90's nostalgia...


The Evolution of Taylor Swift

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Nobody in this world is unacquainted with the name Taylor Swift. The singer has made a name for herself over the past eight years she has been actively releasing music and her career bears no sign of slowing down.

The Pennsylvania-raised singer-songwriter released her debut single "Tim McGraw" in 2006 to critical acclaim but it wasn't until 2008 when she finally made her big entrance into the mainstream market with "Love Story". The country song, which tells the tale of a romance similar to the overarching plot of Romeo & Juliet, serenaded the hearts of millions worldwide as it went on to be certified six-times platinum in the United States alone. It remains her highest-selling single to date. Fearless, the album in which "Love Story" was the lead single, was Taylor's second studio al...


6 pairs of celebrities that look alike

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Have you ever seen a picture of a celebrity and mistaken them for another celebrity? We have.

It's amazing how much some of our favourite stars look like one another. Last year, we listed five pairs of celebrities that look alike and this year, we decided to follow up with a new list, where we will list six pairs of celebrities that look alike.

Awesome, right? Oh come on, at least act like you're excited even though we know you're going to just scroll past these introductory paragraphs.


Justin Timberlake & Liam Payne

Justin Timberlake looks like he could be One Direction star Liam Payne's big bro... you know, except that they're both of different nationalities.

Laura Marano & Katy Perry

Pop princess Katy Perry and Austin & Ally star Laura Marano couldn't look more alik...


Interview: AJR

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It's hard to be unique in the music industry these days but AJR has achieved just that. Comprising of brothers Adam (bass & vocals), Jack (guitar & vocals) and Ryan Met (guitar, piano & vocals), AJR has rapidly risen to prominence, winning over everyone with their single "I'm Ready", which features cartoon icon SpongeBob SquarePants.

They've conquered the Billboard chart, the Top 40 and The Today Show. And the best part? They're all D.I.Y. According to Ryan, with whom we had the pleasure of speaking, the Met bros write, record, produce and mix all of their music in their NYC living room! Last year, Sia took notice of AJR after she watched their music video for "I'm Ready", helped kick-start their music careers and the rest is history.

Following the unanimous success of their five-tra...


Nickelodeon releases first trailer of new SpongeBob movie

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Everybody's favourite sea sponge is coming to life in 2015! The iconic SpongeBob SquarePants will be returning to the big screen next year with a new film titled The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.

In The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (phew, that's a long title), the world’s favourite sea-dwelling invertebrate will come ashore to our world for his most super-heroic adventure yet. In the film, SpongeBob goes on a quest to discover a stolen recipe that will take him to our dimension, where he tangles with a dangerous pirate.

Rock guitarist Slash (of Guns N' Roses fame) makes a cameo in the film and he can be seen busking with a guitar in the film's first official trailer.

Watch the first trailer for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water:

Photo credits: Nickelodeon


7 stars that graduated valedictorian and salutatorian

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Celebrities may be famous but they are no airheads — in fact, many of them are geniuses with perfect SAT scores, the title of high school salutatorian/valedictorian and/or high IQ levels that qualify them as MENSA geniuses.

Let's take a look at seven stars who graduated high school as salutatorian and valedictorian. For those unfamiliar with these terms: a salutatorian is a person ranked second-highest in their graduating class and a valedictorian is the highest-ranked person in their graduating class.

John Legend: Salutatorian

The "All of Me" hit-maker graduated from North High School in his hometown of Springfield, OH at the age of 16 as salutatorian...